Carbon Fiber Dash Kit for Exotic Look

Want to feel like you're driving your exotic super car's dreams? One step in this direction is to install the inside of the car with a carbon fiber bundle set. The world's best sports cars, such as Ferrari Enzo, use carbon fibers in their composition. And it produces like Ferrari, let the fiber visible in

2004-2006 Pontiac GTO – is it worth the GTO name?

Pontiac is guilty of revision history in the 2005 GTO sales brochure. In the publication, the GTO's 41-year history is an important milestone. The 1964 model naturally leads the timeline. After all, this car seriously violated the 1957 anti-competitive law and uniquely defined the category of completely new cars. The 1966 GTO mentions the first

Marquees for Sale – Tips for Buying Second Hand or Ex Hire Marquees

Marquee industry is evolving to keep up-to-date with modern design trends and styles. Marquee manufactures new innovative solutions for the event industry, providing new opportunities to serve its customers. With the arrival of new styles and the continued need to maintain optimum inventory levels, it is a good time to purchase second-hand marquee equipment. Purchasing

Hybrid cars – advantages and disadvantages

People are becoming more and more open to buying hybrid cars today, both because of high fuel costs and environmental awareness. Standard vehicles can be very expensive to charge the charging station and deliver large amounts of pollutants into the air. A hybrid vehicle is a vehicle that drives two or more separate fuel sources.

Used Ferrari – The Affordable Supercar

There are many followers in the world of supersport, all of whom strive to be the fastest, purest and most elegant model in their class. There are three brands in the position between the manufacturers and in a mockery, which automatically think when thinking about the word "superstar"; Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari. In recent years,

The hybrid car: the best of the two worlds

When you followed the news, you undoubtedly noticed the growing interest in hybrid cars . What is this all about? After nearly 100 years, the burning engine slowly becomes a timer. Pollution and unrestricted fuel thresholds cause smogs to cause global warming. In addition, traditional engines become more and more difficult because their size will

The basic knowledge and guidance of electric RC cars

Electric RC cars are the most popular today. This may be because every RC car starts with the launch of this type of RC car, which is due to the operation of electric RC cars. The electric RC car fueled by the batteries has many advantages over nitro / gas RC cars. If you are

1972 XP-895 All Aluminum Corvette Concept

It's hard to think that Corvette's body is nothing but fiberglass, but in 1972 a pitchet was made to press Vette bodies from aluminum. In 1972, during the joint efforts of Reynolds Aluminum and GM, the XP-895 prototype was built and this Corvette was the first and only aluminum Corvette ever to be made. In

Why do we like exotic cars?

I have a good friend who is less interested in cars. Controls Toyota Tundra and keeps it in a pretty dirty condition. For guys like him, I wonder what happened? He often stated that cars did not mean him. I think he was a great guy, but something had to happen in his "car." I

Turbocharging – Before installation!

So you want to charge the turbocharger? Turbochargers can be used for most vehicles. They are a terrific way to get more horsepower. Turbochargers compress air into the engine, enabling more air to fuel and horsepower. "The Turbo Delay Before Foaming Before Acceleration When a Turbocharger Engine Goes to the Gas Accelerator." Turbo delay has