RC car boxing RC car racing

RC Hobbit has always been so clever conquerors who were for some reason in the hobby and for only one reason – to build the fastest RCs and win trophies in the race. However, the subculture of a new RC hobbyist is developing rapidly – RC Car Bashers. RC Car Bashers is not in the

The five best reasons why men love cars

Why do they love people so much? Although not generalized, but so far most people are identified as a special attraction to cars, speed and racing. They are very demanding and meticulous when they pamper and clean their cars. Watch even hours on watches like the F1 and other great car shows. Maybe their cars

A short history of the Motocross Race

The motorcycle race is a sport that first developed in the UK. It is a kind of motorcycle racing off-road track that is very physically demanding and kept in all and any weather conditions. There are many motocross lovers around the world who depend on adrenaline pumping sport. A fast-paced, high-intensity and often spectacular sporting

Enduro Racing – What is it and why it is such an explosion!

Enduro competition is the ultimate entry-level auto-racing opportunity. You can build a great enduro car for less than $ 1,000, you can compete and explode. What is enduro? Enduro is an auto-racing survival event. You are packed in more than 100 other wagons and are loose. There are no cautionary signs flying under an enduro,

Car race in Maine

One of New England's most prestigious short runs is the Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Scarborough, Maine. The 1/3 mile asphalt oval track has become known throughout the country as the first 5 tracks. Every week more than 150 riders take part in the track every week so fans have a lot of excitement and

Car race in Minnesota

Minnesota is not remarkable about big-name racing circuits, but fans of the contestants still find fun and excitement on state-best tracks. The Arlington Raceway is located at Sibley County Fairgrounds in Arlington. The mile mile track in the 27th year provides fun and action for all ages. Every Saturday night, six-car cars compete; Yellow Book

Autocross 101: Beginner's Guide

The sports car not only concerns the appearance of real fans, but also superior handling and steering. Learning to drive a sports car requires exercise, but many owners of the Wilsonville, Oregon Audi and Porsche cars are involved in autocross competitions. Unlike traditional motor sports, autocross is an occasional race, not about speed but maneuverability.

Drag Racing Horsepower

When we talk about drag racing horsehair, we will ask two main questions. 1. How fast do you want to go? 2. How much money to spend? I had to believe (as most drag-racing beginners) that a lot of money is needed to build a fast hot rod. Is this true? It's true if you

Growth in the model car industry

Over the past few years, model cars have become more and more popular. There are probably many reasons for this, but not least the fact that sport has made sport popularity. In the United States, there is a phenomenon of race car racing, and in countries such as Australia, V8 Supercar racing increases. This has