People's Forums – a Real Alternative to Workplace Advice

Sometimes when "something" becomes popular and successful for a long time, it becomes a defective standard, which is accepted only, there is no question. Over time, other people and organizations try to catch the coat of arms of this success by copying (sometimes with mild variants, often not) the original idea.

Often everyone is too busy to admire this "something" to notice that times have changed and the world has gone by. Such is the ubiquitous worktable.

Inventors and free-minded people made massive market changes in history. Think of the first automatic sliced ​​bread, a buzzer when leaving your car's lights, Dyson and vacuum cleaner. They all had great revelations … the kind they think … Well, that's obvious!

Well, the same job recruiting. The market on the labor market is lazy (exempt from its profits), not knowing that its nationality is the "human board" approaching and leaving dead (literally).

You see, times have changed. The internet focuses on a lot more people. People / users require more from Internet services and want these services to be free. Any internet service that will succeed in a huge way will have to focus on the benefits of users.

Work surfaces simply do not focus on users. What they did is actually the reverse. Many work centers focus on two areas; job advertisement and resume (cont'd) database.

For job advertisements, a lot of money is reported to employers (or agencies) who want to advertise their job offers. On the other side of the working committee's website, in the CV database, it's a bit odd. Users can basically send their resume (free of charge) to the desktop. Initially, this sounds like a reasonable deal until you realize that the CV database is closed. Only employers who register on the desktop and pay (too much money) will be able to look for your resume.

There are three basically bad things here:

  1. The desks sell your data and save them for free!
  2. The working committee effectively restricted access to companies who could afford to pay for the service.
  3. Your data is only visible when companies are paying and actively seeking certain skills.

People's bodies are the reversals and benefits to those who are looking for an active job, those who are not looking for an active job, employers and even agencies.

So what's the people's camp?

Here is the definition:

The People's Table

  1. allows people to promote their abilities
  2. allows people to publish their availability and references
  3. and how to contact them [19659010] allows employers to search for people
  4. 1-4 FREE for free

We do not have to overcomplete the recruitment business. This can only be two pages; employers looking for candidates and candidates in business.

The purpose of the popular body is to make it much easier for both sides of the recruitment equation to come into contact, regardless of the business, no matter what the person has.

People's camp is a simple concept, but then the best ideas in general.

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