Porsche – the German Top Luxury Car

When people think of luxury, they think of Porsche. Thanks to the high-priced labels of cars, its powerful engines and smooth, slimline lines, it is no question that Porsche is one of the world's most prestigious carmakers.

The genius behind the company was Ferdinand Porsche. He was born in 1875 in Czech Republic and was surprisingly mechanical in his youth. It was the third of the five children. His father, the plumber, expected Ferdinand to take over family businesses – but Ferdinand had another dream. At the age of eighteen, after graduating from father, he worked with the company Bela Egger & Co.

At the company, Ferdinand showed great ability to his age. He built an electric hub and was soon attracted to rival Jakob Lohner & Co.. This company has been actively developing electric cars, and Ferdinand felt that his skills could be better used. And three years after joining the company, Porsche built a whole electric car.

This historic car, Lohner-Porsche, was innovative in several ways. The two-wheel drive on the front wheels produced 2.5 horsepower, producing an astonishing 120 rpm and was completely quiet. The battery can charge 50 kilometers between charges. The car could travel up to 50 km / h.

But that was just the beginning. Porsche began experimenting with internal combustion engines and its next car, the System Mixt's internal combustion engine. Porsche has gained a number of fast records and widespread recognition, its name is well known not only in engineering circles but also among the general public. In 1905 Austria's most outstanding engineer became the coveted Poeting Prize.

In 1906, the Austrian-Daimler offered to be Porsche's main designer. Porsche accepted the job and in 1910 designed his 85 horsepower to create a prince probe trial for an international race named after Prince Prusia Henry. Porsche plans to win the top three seats at the trial.

At the beginning of World War I, the Austro-Daimler produced war materials, such as trucks, aircraft engines and mechanized weapons. Porsche has sensed its star in those years; In 1916 he became Managing Director of Austria-Daimler. The Vienna University of Technology received an honorary doctorate. That honor was very sensible to him. Later, he was known as Professor or Doctor Porsche, and his honor was attached to the name of the company. He competed in Porsche competitions and races as he was interested in building cars. He believed that by building racing cars, he could improve the performance of all his vehicles. As a result, he was interested in building small, lightweight, high performance cars.

Unfortunately, he and the Austro-Daimler did not seem to look. The board of directors of the company disagreed with Porsche's planned direction, and finally Porsche left. He went to Steyr, but the Great Depression made the car a mistake. The company collapsed and Dr. Porsche was unemployed.

So he moved to Stuttgart, closely related to the automotive industry and the headquarters of several outstanding automotive companies, and started consulting. His team consisted of people he had previously worked with and some family members, including his son, the Ferry.

The purpose of the company is to help other companies design better cars – not their own design. So in the beginning no car was designed with the Porsche name. This was changed when a government under Nazi control launched a project at Porsche: designing a car for "the people" -The Volkswagen.

As a Porsche company, it is closely tied to Volkswagen; many of the early Porsche cars came from the Volkswagen beetle. The Porsche Volkswagen was popular, affordable cars that survived the collapse of the Third Reich. Porsche and his son, later his grandson continued the 911, Boxster, Spyder, Roadster, Carrera and many more.

Porsche survived the Great Depression, the third Reich and the dramatic corporate restructuring to provide space in the forefront of the automotive industry. Regardless of the country, everyone knows that Porsche cars represent luxury, power, and performance.

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