Product placement helps consumers in their purchases

Purchase of goods on the Internet may be something addictive – once you leave, you can not stop – as you can anywhere and anytime.

However, at the dawn of giant markets and ecommerce sites, everyone has a purchase on their list of tasks, while lying on the couch only nowadays can slide through the screen and click on a button to buy it.

However, despite the kindness of convenience, most consumers continue to buy a large ticket for brick makers according to a new study.

Nearly half of PushOn digital marketing companies said they would rather buy expensive products than a new kitchen or bathroom in the store

The report shows that 47% of consumers actually research on the Internet , and after having bought their hearts for a product, they buy it in a physical store. On the other hand, 70% said they bought expensive items online, but only after they saw it in the store.

This only shows that despite the convenience and convenience of online shopping, most people still see and feel product, particularly expensive as a car, we can be sure that they will not throw money away.

However, they are not whimsical; 45 percent of consumers claimed that they are willing to buy expensive online purchases when websites offer technology that enables them to experience the product to make informed choices.

In the future, eCommerce is AR?

how eCommerce websites should consider ways to persuade them to buy expensive articles online.

40% said you want to test a product using Augmented Reality (AR) before you buy it. As this technology combines digital images into the real world, online buyers will be able to see and experience a product by giving a picture of reality.

On the other hand, 41% of respondents, on the other hand, have tighter online security that makes them safe when they buy expensive items, so they trust they spend more.

The following items are listed in their wish list:

  • 52% believe that retailers need to invest in technology that allows a better omnichanel experience – so the shopping trip is seamless in the store and on the Internet.
  • 32% want to use online services to get instant answers to their questions.
  • 17% ask retailers to use AI and digital chatbots that will make shopping recommendations based on their buying habits and answer product questions.
  • 17% want to view the one-click online shopping easier.
  • 16% want to spend more on mobile payments to buy faster.

In addition to great products and fast deliveries, industry experts encourage online businesses to choose the best technology to help customers show their products.

Sam Rutley, Executive Director of PushOn, says: [19659002] "Using technology – for example, digital chat bots that can serve as online customer service assistants or AR applications to show products – retailers will be able to create a seamless omnichannel experience where customers can access the same level of services and information as they would if the shop was in the store and this is a long way to boosting consumer confidence through higher security and reliability in technology, which means they will be more comfortable with online shopping . "

What has recently been accepted by the technology in your online store?

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