Quick horse racing system for the site and betting

Years ago, Dr. Z (Dr. William Ziemba), a mathematical expert, has shown that it is possible to make a profit by comparing the chances of horses and, consequently, the chance to actually win, place or point to the actual place and show the payout. For example, if a horse using flat money and statistics, Dr. Z predicted that the horse would probably win, place or show. If a horse was 8-5, and knew that his probability was 80%, and the show was paying $ 3, he was a profitable bet.

Receiving a horse that pays $ 3 to win and win 8 out of ten bets will get $ 24 for every $ 20, 20% gain. His methods are still used today because he published them in his book, which was a great success. You can still look at the car and do the math, but there is an easier way to see potentially good bets on the spot and show off the pools.

Of course, if you take the time to learn and apply the formulas, you will be rewarded accordingly, but if you want to bet a few good bets on the horse racing, you have to look here.

Good place and show bets usually occur when a horse thinks it is a little better than the rest of the field and another horse looks better than the rest of the field, but not as close as the top horse. The high-speed or high-class big advantage is usually the big favorite, which often saves less money

The odds for such a horse may appear in a field of five horses …






In most cases, this is not a good place for a site or bet. The venue and the money market are usually evenly distributed among runners based on their chances. However, if the board looks like this …






It is possible that the mass is so convinced that the 2-1. bet on a favorite bet. Look at the difference between the odds of the second choice between 2-1 and the next closest competitor, the third choice at 5-1.

If I see the chances that I usually look at the amount on the spot and in the show pool. Suppose the place pool looks like …

Location pool total $ 1000






Obviously, although the second choice is less likely to be placed than the upper horse, it shows more money deposits. This often makes it a favorite, a good venue and the same situation in the show pool. Usually this is the second choice that gets a lot of money on it, but sometimes one of the other horses, the money that is often in money, but rarely wins, will take away most of the pool [19659002] Although there is no guarantee that this is the case in the long run, it will be profitable and more accurate, it would pay for mathematics, in the case of short-term bets, it offers at least the racing competitor that values ​​the pools.

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