Racing lawnmowers – the beginning

The traditional forms of a motorcycle such as stock, sport car racing, motorboats and even motorcycles are very expensive. Initial investment can start at $ 20,000 at entry-level regional departments and go for more than $ 100,000 for a tour series car. Not even to point out that it will cost thousands of dollars if it's not a million dollars for testing, equipment, and engineering.

He was aware of the ever-increasing cost of competition to create an economic opportunity, in 1973 Wisborough Green, West Sussex, a group of locals living in England created racing mowers. The idea was clear: everyone in the city owned a lawnmower, so the cost of the competition would not be excessive. No call to search for sponsors, no expensive engines, no travel expenses.

Essential tools for maintenance of mop mowers were already in the toolbox in the garage. The group compiles an event that takes place in a local farmer field. The information quickly spread to the desire of competition. More than 80 participants attended the first event. I saw short tracks on Saturday night, with less riders every night. Without rising costs, some 40-year racing circuits have been hooked to close their doors.

The 1973 starting run was a great success, it was an instant hit. Racer mowers were fun, fast and angry. It's not wonderful that the participants want more. As the event's soy spread, he liked it to get the piece of action. And those who joined the tournament have won a taste of battles. Competition may be very compelling, and your body's adrenaline may be more effective than anything your doctor can prescribe.

Sport has evolved and developed continuously. The beginning of the small gathering has become a worldwide trend. In 1992, the sport passed through the ocean. The United States Lawnmower Association (USLMRA) has launched lawnmowers in the United States.

Only in North America riders of lawnmowers have been granted national recognition and are being treated by several sanctioning organizations. There are several local chapters as well as the hiking series. You will also find the most important time for some national television events.

The United States Lawnmower Team handed over the Lawnmower Racing Hall of Fame in 2009. While some people designed this sport as "rural people", this was a real and legitimate form of competition. You have to experience a race personally to really understand the hum of technology, speed and rivalry.

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