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In order to analyze data on driving a vehicle, such as a racing car, a motorcycle, a boat, or a motorcycle, you need a board camera that has real-time data. With the ability to receive altitude technical data, you can also use it for diving, paragliding or even on an airplane. With this data, racing cameras have built-in GPS to map tracking.

The data-copying camera with these features includes two different modes that capture specific data for videos. If the search engine displays instant playback for field analysis, another great feature of the recording will find the competing camera. If a competitor has a camera with overlapping data, you can analyze sessions and improve your performance. Put yourself in the winner circle.

Real-time data on competitive videos provides information such as speed, G-Force, page numbers, and lap time. They are invaluable tools for getting faster, recognizing that they will break soon or too late, and observe and compare leadership with team members. A great feature of a real-time data camera is that you can set the data layout to a customized display setting. Be able to see the number of pages, speed, speed, run time and throttle, for example, such a valuable tool for racing and vehicle refinement.

These camcorders integrate real-time data coverage with a high-speed, solid-state digital video recorder with high-speed GPS. The on-board racing camera features GPS syntax-based syntax film, real-time track position and GPS page timing, an ideal tool for all motorcycle enthusiasts. Recording and disconnection times that can overlap with the GPS manager software images that are included in these cameras. With GPS software, you can set up a GPS module, capture the key points of each track, the arrival line, and the splitting.

Integrated 3D accelerometer allows you to get in-line and lateral G that can overlay the images. With a three-axis accelerometer, you can even see upscale images that can be very useful to choose the best frame during installation.

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