Car racing, also known as a motorcycle or racing car, is a stunning motor sport where drivers, drivers and manufacturers compete in the first place. He has many fans around the world and his history is rich. Things began more than a decade ago when Georges Bouton competed with his own car in 1887 about 2 kilometers. Despite the situation in history, many people do not recognize the competition because the contestant has no opponents and he is alone.

France dominated the early history of the race. The Paris-Paris Paris-Bordeaux Paris Competition was turned into places where fans, but producers, also gathered their favorites. In fact, it is the first race in which all the nations have been invited to the Gordon Bennett Cup. The big names of car makers tried to prove their superiority even before the Second World War. After the war, the tournaments became more serious than ever, and several international competitions were held annually.

There are several categories of car racing, each with its own support team. For example, those who really love extreme speed are absolutely fascinated by single seat races. It is also called an open wheel because the wheels are not covered. The kart race is a different category for one-person categories, but in this case the costs of the two vehicles and the band are lower.

The sport car racing category is featured in many famous races such as 24 Hours of Le Mans, 24 Hours of Sebring, Dayton 24 Hours and so on. In this case, cars have to compete in the long run and usually require two or three drivers. Each continent has its own preference for this type of tournament. For example, in North America, the most famous of these types of races is stock racing. These cars are similar to production, but are actually adjusted according to strict regulations to achieve high speeds.

Although speed is one of the most important aspects of car racing, some of them are trying to test more. The capability of drivers and the technology used by manufacturers are just two very important things that are controlled. Some tournaments will test the endurance of drivers because they have to compete in extremely long and difficult conditions. This is the case for off-road racing, the most famous being the Paris-Dakar Rally or the Reno-Vegas Rally.

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