Rally Racing

The rally race, the so-called rally, is an exciting form of car racing. The excitement is largely due to the fact that competitions are held on open public roads. There are different types of rally races, and in addition to the traditional point-to-point races where the fastest time wins, other versions also exist when drivers find predetermined driving time for a predetermined time. Other meetings also include logistics considerations.

One of the earliest races that exist today is the Monte Carlo rally, which began in 1911. During the 1920s, sport was firstly developed in Europe and a number of key features used to date. During the war years, the rally management and the popularity of the race went out and flowed, but it was held back in the 1950s and has seen continuous growth and participation since then.

While a number of UK drivers and manufacturers have been involved in European meetings in very early days, the UK's maximum speed limit is practically banned every 12 miles per rally every rally. In order to popularize motorways, in 1900, Britain's Auto Club organized a 15-day event in major cities. The seventy entries are mostly made by manufacturers who have contributed to the presentation of their vehicles. There were 13 stairs and the abovementioned 12 mph speed limit was used. The sections included mountaineering and speed tests. During the 20's this rally was great, but did not attract many competitors from outside in Britain.

After the Second World War, the rally became popular again in Europe, but the British law prohibited roads and motorways for special events. This meant that more popular racing sports were missing from the United Kingdom. In 1951, the Royal Automobile Club Rally came to an international event. The event involved several technical challenges such as navigation, night map readings and maneuvering tests. This restricted popularity. A violation occurred in 1961 when Jack Kemsley successfully called for the opening of public roads under the control of the Forestry Commission. Today Rally GB is a popular international competition.

Today's leading competitors and manufacturers compete in the World Rally Championship, the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile series. In many countries they organize their own domestic championship races. The season typically involves 13 rallies, and there is a competitor and manufacturer champion crowned by points earned during the season.

The rally is popular among amateur riders. Depending on the type of rally, there is little configuration for one competitor. Most are competing as part of the club, and events are more of a focus on teamwork, navigation and logistics rather than recreation and off time.

To be able to taste rally driving, many private schools have been opened, allowing them not only to know the basics of rallying, but to an open road. These are typically those who want to enjoy high-speed driving and rally techniques, such as turning the handbrake and drifting in dirt and gravel courses. They use highly prepared rally cars that reflect those used by professionals. There are a number of schools, and the courses run from overnight stays to multi-day camps that run the race at the end of the group.

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