RC Car Batteries – NiMH Vs LiPo

NiMH is short for nickel metal hydride, while LiPO contains a short lithium polymer. Both types of batteries are currently used in the electric RC car scene. Most RC models have some form of battery – reducing costs, usually the NiMH version. LiPo batteries are indeed included in the RC models' stage models and helicopters, taking advantage of their lightweight and high performance densities.

Due to the robust and highly competitive RC racing environment, LiPo batteries are certainly the new and preferred power sources to date. performance and speed hungry RC car customer base. LiPo batteries now take over common consumer products – most high-end battery packs and nearly 100% of the currently manufactured laptops and mobile phones! So what makes LiPo batteries so popular with the weight of the RC car? Well, they fought with a number of Chinese producers for market share, prices are so cheaper and so high on the web. Of course, with the lower price structure a few years ago, the performance and capacity of the batteries also improved. There are several sizes to choose from, and now there are RC Car-specific packages, not the model aircraft originally. Chargers for LiPo batteries are also cheaper and generally lighter; probably one of the most likely reasons for people coming to the LiPo side with a much lower investment. The LiPo battery is also called by lithium polymer chemistry. With higher power density, lower mass, the same or greater voltage and current as the NimH, the fastest RC cars run with a LiPo power supply. Current world record cruisers are now powered by LiPo batteries, not the banks of Nimh cells.

Is NimH dead? Well, this question can answer NO. They are the most powerful battery pack for an RC car model …. this is the answer. What matters is the application you need. Low cost is still benefiting the NimH, even though cheap liposomes are on the market. Nimh uses 20 years of technology. With this in mind, simple chargers are very easy in the budget and most NimH factories offer excellent batteries with experienced processes and quality control. Security is still on the side of the NimH battery. There is even less chance of fire / explosion due to charging the Nimh-LiPo battery. The durability is still on the sides of the NiMH batteries because they can run zero voltages while this will damage a LiPo battery. The fourth, almost contradictory view is that the NimH batteries measure more and lower the tension … a real plus for managed club races and beginners. The "loose" off-roader is much better able to travel with a Nimh battery that results in greater traction and lower performance for interrupting tires. grip. A good Nimh battery still offers the same charge discharge cycle as the Lipo battery – and without the special Balozers required by Lipos. For a person who can re-enter the hobby but still has equipment – he may still use NiMH batteries.

All in all, it really depends on how budget and application are. Many hobbies have both NimH and LiPO battery packs. Some even use the battery – the speed with the lipos – or whatever they choose. Lipo batteries are getting cheaper, especially since new gadgets and lipo-friendly devices come into the market, I think Nimh will be less choice for the consumer.

Nimh and LiPo batteries require different care when using, storing, and charging. This is described in an upcoming article.

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