RC drift – 5 vital tips you need to know about an expert Drifter

Still pondering how to drift? A fantastic trick that is paying tribute to the original RC car drifting video products a few years ago in Japan is the real thing most drivers want to know how to drift! This is a complicated trick, one of the advantages of which is that the car can handle sharp, experienced corners without losing its speed. The effect is that the whole car looks like the corner is completely sideways, as the wheels turn horizontally and the body remains parallel to the moment. The trick requires a lot of experience and five key tips to consider when mimicking these videos and learn how to drift: [#19659002] Tip 1: You will need an RC car that mimics videos properly with a four-wheel drive

2nd Tip: Electric RC cars are better than nitro for those with less experience

3. Tip: Smooth tires are needed when they learn how to drift

4. Tip: Make sure power transmission is well closed

5. Tip: Rail must be friction

Four wheel drive required when it turns out to drift. In the absence of this control element, your car will not slide as you would expect and flip through the experience. Learning to drift takes time so you can enjoy the experience. Electric RC cars will not break down while you learn how to drift away. Lay one of them and experience levels will soon meet these videos.

Special tires need to be made or purchased for the car to slide properly when it learns how to drift. You can buy or create your own PVC or ABS tubes or just use electric rubberized rubber goggles – experience and money in this decision. Learn the videos and see what tires have been used.

The sinking reveals that large amounts of dirt and dust are picked up from the track and will fly – some numbers will not allow it. As far as your car is concerned, tighten the gearshift tightly to prevent this gravel from entering the job and use the engine. Do not overwhelm the experience with too much blasting and learn how to drift without damaging the car.

Finally, keep in mind that the drifting experience is only a low friction or high performance car (preferably nitro) do not lose speed on a sticky surface.

Happy drift!

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