Real benefits of hybrid cars

Hybrid cars are becoming more popular. Most of them know these cars: the petrol engine is equipped with an electric motor, which helps to save gas and provide greater mileage. It also reduces CO2 emissions. These things are all great, but what's the hybrid car over the petrol-powered vehicle.

Bumper-to-Bumper Designed For Traffic

You know how frustrating it can be when it comes from traffic. There are people who only lose time in time, but they lose their money too! Hybrid cars are offices for rush hour traffic. If a hybrid car is less than 25 miles per hour, the engine will automatically turn off. Okay, it's still too late for your work or date, but at least you will know that you do not waste your gas!

Tax Benefits

Believe it or not, if you buy a hybrid car, the government will give tax incentives. The tax allowance ranges from a few hundred dollars to about $ 3,500. Hybrid cars with higher MPG benefit from a greater tax advantage than average mileage hybrid cars. Also note that most of the tax benefits will expire after 2010.

Protects our planet

Hybrid cars operate with an auxiliary engine, giving you greater mileage and less polluting emissions. We all know that carbon dioxide is the primary cause of global warming. As hybrid vehicles burn less gasoline, they emit less toxic substances that contribute to greenhouse effect. Hybrid cars can save you from burning in the middle of winter.

Never forget your emotions

If you always want to play a role, here is the opportunity you need to capture. You protect the planet and make it better for us and for our children. The driving of a hybrid vehicle will be good and proud.

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