Rentable cars and hybrid vehicle option

Some car rental agencies currently rent hybrid cars. And maybe you would think this is an exceptional thing for a car rental agency, but car rental agencies also have to pay more for renting this type of car for several reasons. The first reason is the return on investment; Hybrid cars usually cost $ 15-20,000 more than regular cars of the same type and style. In addition, they are higher in maintenance, and there are more things to be wrong with because a hybrid car has an electrical system and extra components as well as a regular engine. They must be very complex vehicles and deal with Murphy's law.

Some car rental agencies in major cities offer all the electrical extensions as part of their rental car fleet. This is also quite a challenge because the person who is not driving and the electric electric car does not necessarily know that it is easy to run the battery and cannot be connected to it. And not every hotel has a place to fit in. That's why people get rid of them and bring the vehicle back to the rental office. This causes an angry customer due to additional charges and fees on their credit card and the problem of the rental car agency as a whole.

There is a good chance that the customer may overturn and do not want to re-use that car rental brand. There are all kinds of problems with these things. In addition, hybrid cars, because they are so complex and have multiple systems, are more likely to recall from the manufacturer. There is a new law in California, and in other states it has been accepted that car rental agencies may not hire cars that are being recalled until they are repaired or upgraded.

This means that a car rental agency with five or ten hybrid cars may all be out of service if there is a call back at the same time. This does not happen very often, but car rental agencies may think about a good corporate civilian eco-friendly motif. So, can you ask me why the rental car agencies are bothering you? Some have to do with PR because consumers can feel happy to hire from a company that is proud to be environmentally friendly.

But usually losing in terms of investment. At least it was in the past. As more electric and hybrid cars enter the market, and more consumers have such cars at home, they will rent them better, then the price will drop and the return on investment will be understandable for the future of car rental agencies. We are currently in a transitional period and every business decision in this respect should be carefully considered. I really hope you think about it.

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