Return of the tuner car! The Toyota FT-86!

At the end of the 90's, car factories operating in commercial vehicles began to recognize the wagons that were thought to have run out of the mill. Cars such as Honda Civic and Acura Integras, owners have tuned to run Corvette, and cars similar to Toyota Supra have been compared to super cars. This tendency of tuning was raised by the media, Internet forums, and some more movies made of it. Sometimes car makers have invaded this and started launching tuner vehicles.

That ended, economical cars dropped into water, where brands and badges were carried by early tuning companies or genuine tuning cars that are approaching the luxury car prices. The general run of the trolley, which tune the track's mage, without breaking the bank, apparently disappeared.

Honda now offers only Civic Si with not much more power than 10 years ago and Acura Integra / RSX … not yet. Toyota, and there is nothing really exciting without you at IS-F. Then Hyundai came and tried to shake things up a little, releasing the Genesis coupe. Sporty RWD car that offers a manual gearbox. A recipe that made the word Toyota once powerful in terms of power when it was associated with Supra Turbo. Now Toyota seems to be entering the arena again and not the super car that has been developed for many years.

Toyota has announced the new FT-86 sports car. The name comes from the legendary Toyota Corolla from the mid-80s, a drift legend. The FT-86 will be powered by the rear wheel and the power supply will be via the Subaru Boxer engine. This is a normally vacuumed version of the engine that appears in the WRX.

So again, there is a potentially affordable car that carries the name and reliability of one of the best car manufacturers, but with the potential to become a rookie. Most people already know the potential of the Subaru boxers and pair the Toyota RWD chassis (remember that Supra again) sounds like a hit. Already Toyota FT-86 Forum appears online on this new vehicle's standby mode. It is now beginning to wait to reach the floor of the showroom.

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