Richard Petty's leadership experience – NASCAR racing education is the best

For those fans of NASCAR racing, there is a way to experience firsthand what it would be like to actually drive the official NASCAR racing car. There are few things that are approaching and Richard Petty Driving Experience is one of the best ways to experience it safely

There are two great ways to experience Richard Petty Driving. You will shoot a walking shield in a 2-way NASCAR style kit, run by a well-trained driving instructor.

The car will perform 3-circuit qualifying heat and runs to 165 km / h. Currently, 20 NASCAR tracks support this kind of program.

The second program is Driving experience. In this case, the commander of the car and the first hand will learn how to drive a real racing car. This typically includes:

– orientation and introductory video. He will meet with his instructors and then introduce a short 20-minute video with Richard Petty.

– Executive Instructions. You will learn how to find and track the "line" on the track. Then you can find the acceleration, the correct distance, the acceleration / deceleration points, and so on.

– Mechanical and safety instructions. You will learn important details of the racing car, including entry and exit, switch patterns, safety devices, etc.

– Meeting of leaders. You will meet and leave all the last installments and get the remaining questions. This also gives you the opportunity to take the picture next to the racing car.

– Leadership Experience. This is where you run the racing car. Enjoy your experience and training to help maintain good control of the car and gradually increase the speed of your racing car. Generally, there are more than one session, so each instructor examines your performance and suggests improving it.

– The final step is the level of maturity where you will get a log that shows you how fast and how much you've achieved on the track. This is a great element in the frame and display in den or office.

The school can operate up to 20 different NASCAR numbers per year so you can be sure you'll find a session that is best suited to your schedule at a location and time. It also offers a great gift for a specialty fanatic. So look and go, or you or someone special. They will love it!

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