Run your car on the water – It's possible to run the car on the water

"Motorists pay more for the pump than oil prices soar" – Headlines like this, dominate newspapers, newsletters, magazines, television newscasts so often. The fact that nobody, including the highest economists and oil producers, is turning to change in prices at any time. The government does not seem to do anything about it. There are simply no concrete solutions to solving the problem.

Since crude oil prices soar on the roof and do not stop in sight, many ordinary families are very expensive and undoubtedly difficult – it's extremely difficult to run cars. Many have returned to motorways, public transport, weekend excursions, and cycling to the office. But small children need cars to send them to kindergarten or school. And they simply make the family budget.

So, can you really drive with water? The answer is YES, it's really possible to blow your car in the water. It sounds strange and questionable, but beauty, it works and is completely safe.

Well, how does it work and what to do? Have you heard about hybrid cars? This technology is quite similar to the operation of the hybrid, except for its mode, the cheaper. A new hybrid car will cost about $ 40,000. This unique conversion to our old, existing car is just $ 300!

This technology is based on an old US patent application that uses electricity from your car's battery to separate water with a HHO gas (2 parts hydrogen + 1 part oxygen) that burns and tons of power to the engine operation. Do you know that HHO is three times stronger than gasoline? So this ultimately means that the car will work more efficiently with improved performance and longer mileage!

To run your car on water, you only need instructions on a hardware set and simple step-by-step instructions. It takes about 30 minutes to install everything.

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