Safety features and innovations for the 2010 Corvette

Although it is well known that Corvette's 2010 series is a very fast 0-60 mile / hour, most of the conversation lacks the safety of the vehicles. Although it can not be said at a glance, the fact that the Chevy Corvette is truly security features and innovations, as never before.

This is a welcome news for anyone who is interested in the owner of such a legendary super car as it was a comforting feeling he knew the bullet he led would help keep his safety as far as possible while he was driving. The following list includes the standard safety features and innovations for all 2010 correctors:

• Electronic Stability Control (ECS): detects and minimizes sliders and helps Corvette's overall control.
• Child seat Lower attachment point: Even the oars can enjoy the new Corvette as it is part of the passenger's lower anchor that allows safer securing of the car seat. Do not worry; the passenger airbag can be switched off if the passenger is small.
• Special Air Bag Features: The 2010 Corvette features airbags that have advanced features and do not allow their installation when the small children are in the passenger seat and are positioned in such a way as to reduce the negative effects of airbags on the collapse of drivers and passengers .
• Trunk Release: The 2010 Corvette includes a luggage compartment for easy and quick escape if you ever need it.
• Four-wheel anti-lock braking system (ABS): The ABS brakes allow all four corners of the 2010 Corvette to travel faster and shorter in greater control. This extraordinary reduces accidents.
• Tensioner: In case of a sudden stop or collision, the 2010 Corvette safety belts are automatically locked by the pretensioner. This safety feature allows the minimum movement of the accident and prevents the injury.
• Side airbag front: Airbag side and front as well as soluble collision.
• Auto Crash Notify: This security innovation works with OnStore and 2010 Corvette automatically warns the call center when an accident occurs. This will give you a place and inform the call center if the airbags are installed or not.
• Daytime running lights: The 2010 Corvette features many daytime running lights, including daytime running lamps that help keep your vehicle upsetting. They never need to turn them on and are more automatic, which is useful when the weather is worsening or a light fog is integrated.
• Front headrests: Airbags are also fitted on the cover to help protect the passenger's head while crashing.
• Tire Pressure Monitor: When driving a vehicle with a speedometer of the 2010 Corvette, the correct tire pressure is essential at all times. This system continuously monitors the tire pressure and warns the driver if there is too much pressure.

While a car running flat is wonderful, as beautiful as a car that is safe driving. Although a single vehicle does not have a 100 percent impact on the accident, the 2010 Corvette has a number of security innovations that go beyond the mere license plate.

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