Safety signs in cars

Safety indications are used to provide information about safe driving for passengers traveling in the car or as warning signs for vehicles traveling on the road. These are warning signs that are designed to avoid or reduce potential danger during driving. Special colors and shapes are usually assigned to security tables. Red banning is used. BLUE can be used for binding operations. GREEN is used for positive action. The TRIANGLE form is used for alerts.

For passenger passengers, the following safety notes must be observed:

· Safety Fixing – This is an important message as it has been proven that many people have suffered serious injury without using the seat belt during accidents

· Does not smoke on this vehicle – Smoking in cars can harm other passengers through passive smoking. Therefore, smoking in cars is prohibited in most countries.

· Mobile phone-free zone – While talking on a mobile phone, you can take the lead while driving, and then forget about the danger on the road. It is therefore forbidden to smoke when talking on a mobile phone.

· Observing the Mirror of a Motorcycle – The habits of a two-wheeler to dazzle cars suddenly turn. So every driver must be vigilant on every two-wheeled journey.

· No speeding – Some drivers love speed. Though this may be exciting for a driver, it may lead to an accident. If driving is too high, the driver does not have enough time to break the potential hazards. It is therefore recommended to drive at a permissible speed.

· Get off my back – do not cover it . Such alerts are used when a new driver is in the wheel. Other drivers on the road must acknowledge that the skipper is a rookie and must not press the driver under the bumper and the bumper. For the first guide rail, the "L" plate is also securely attached to the car, so other vehicles provide the necessary courtesy. [19645002] How is my driving call . This signal is used when the vehicle belongs to a company and is a senior employee. The company's management wants their car to comply with the proper driving rules, especially speed and overtaking. In order to ensure that the driver complies with these rules, he places these signs in the car so that any other vehicle on the road where the driver meets exaggeration can make a complaint.

· Fire Extinguisher This signal appears to inform the car rental companies that a mini fire extinguisher has been stored in the car. In the event of a fire, the fire extinguisher is readily accessible

· Prohibited Signal – When a person with disabilities is present or present in the car, a special disability mark is displayed on the windscreen. This signal also helps drivers to help the car on other roads.

If the above warning signs have been fixed inside the vehicle and both persons in the car and drivers are avoiding potential hazards and hazards

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