Second Life of NASCAR?

It's no secret that in 2010 and to a certain extent in 2011, NASCAR died. Slowly, but it is. I am a tough hard fan and I can even admit it freely. However, NASCAR has noticed this. They want fans to come back and make sports grow once. With this in mind, NASCAR has started a few things at the beginning of 2010, which would make sports a bit more interesting, starting with four words: boys have it.

NASCAR fans were not fans of all drivers who could not fight or argue without issuing NASCAR points and fines left and right. So before the 2010 Daytona 500 NASCAR said that drivers have the opportunity to go to the police and get much less penalties and fines because of bad behavior. They did this to encourage them to be coarser, but not completely stupid and run over each other. There was more than one wreck that the drivers had revenge to release NASCAR and give the driver up to three riders. The push on the wrist as it goes. In one case, at the first Atlanta race, Brad Keselowski had long destroyed Carl Edwards and challenged Edwards. The team repaired his car as far as he could, and after a few laps, Edwards returned to the track and deliberately demolished Brad and watched the car turned upside down on the fence separating the fans.

This was also encouraged by NASCAR, although it is dangerous. Fans noted and were pleased that drivers themselves and the police could be, and not worried about the high fines and lost points. In 2009, the NASCAR Dual File will restart every season of the season. After every precaution, a double file is created as at the start of the race. This had to be done by NASCAR, because miles and half an hour did not reach the COT, which is a boring race and wanted to be more exciting for fans. After all, all sports business. An important step in NASCAR was COT 1.5, if desired, in the NASCAR Nationwide (formerly Busch) series. The biggest complaint about the COT was to die because the differences between the manufacturers have returned! Dodge competes with Challenger and appears as a Challenger file from the front. Same Chevy and Impala. Side and back, though all of them are still the same car. But it is certainly a step forward for NASCAR.

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