Seven questions to understand the car on the water

Car Water Technology

More and more individuals seem interested in this technology. There have been a number of questions and questions to learn more about how this technology works. Here is the answer to the 7 most common questions about technology. This article helps you understand the problem.

first Why is it so important to the stock?

The kit transforms water into HHO. The kit is the location of the electrolysis. The kit is the heart and soul of technology. Nothing can happen without the kit.

2nd What about the material?

The same thing is found in all decent warehouses that regularly update inventory.

3 – Is there a risk to my motorcycle?

The kit is under the cover of your car. Otherwise, it does not interfere with the engine's operation. The kit is connected to the carburettor and the motor to get electricity. Electricity is needed for electrolysis. In addition, there is no interaction with the engine. The power supply is the only common point.

4 – Why is this system like green technology?

Improving engine performance leads to lower pollution. Better combustion results in fewer balls

5 – Can security be considered?

As far as security is concerned, HHO is prepared when and when needed. Electrolysis is a safe process and does not interfere with combustion.

6 – Cost?

from $ 100 to $ 150.00, the latter being the maximum limit

7- What is the benefit of HHO?

Gas is important because it increases the efficiency of combustion of gasoline. Car performance can rise by 50 to 80 percent.

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