Sex is like F1 Racing

It may seem absurd, but F1 Racing and sex are certain that there are common things, just look at this for example …

1. The Qualifying Round – One of the most important aspects of F1 Racing is Foreplay in the bedroom.

The What Begins and Continues …

The kinkier your daughter works and looks the more you make the instrumentation, which is then relieved to satisfy him so you can not wait to race to start.

2nd Pole Position – The leader who gets the poll position starts out as the dominant racer and is definitely the top hand.

Make sure you use this factor in the bedroom or if you choose to turn it on.
Regardless of your claim or partner, believe me to spice up and give and refresh the twist of the average sex.

You and your partner should be wherever you want to do some things like hooking up the eyes or pushing a little with clamps, etc. But make sure they are both comfortable and do not hurry. ..

3. The car – Think of your favorite F1 car that is fast, easy, powerful, and something that everyone is craving for.

The point I'm trying to take care of yourself …

Make sure you're well groomed, nice smell, keep up with fashion, and stay well.
These are all things that play a vital role in healthy relationships and provide tremendous amounts of great sex life.

Simple … if you think it's disgusting, you will not get it, so touch the guys.

4th Tires – it's about rubber today, either on the track or in the bedroom, and I'm not talking about Gut.

So get the maximum performance …

The same applies to safe sex, a rubber seal releases your game and yes, you lose some feeling, but better than getting a STD to catch boys … [19659002] 5th Aerodynamics – In addition to the engine and driver, the most important factor in car performance is probably aerodynamics, which takes valuable seconds off the lead time, improves handling and speed.

You need to see the car's aerodynamics like grooming … your hairy hair …

Is there a shave or shave without a shave?

Everyone can see the scary movies where she takes the knitting tie and a bunch of bat flying. This feeling is not good. Think he is enjoying his time there and does not want a machete to start jungle cutting.

My daughter should be offered a shaving / wax / laser, but for God's sake, make sure she gets rid of it.

The guys out there would say that they go, but if you do not want to look for a full porn star, you should at least keep it and the best thing is actually bigger.

6th Laps and Pit Stops – The average F1 race is approximately 60 laps on average, with a 2-pound stop, which should be carefully taken into account and track and weather conditions.

So what do you ask about F1 to improve your sex life?

There are many, in fact, circles, for example, this would be the time that can be kept before it crashes and burns. The longer the better, but with regard to the quantitative quality, the goal is a bit of both …

The trick is to keep up with you and that's where the pit stop arrives.

During racing, riders use the highest possible accuracy and support of the team of Pit Team to use a refueling, tire replacement, damage check, and all necessary modifications.

Likewise, you can do the same break if you change the position over and over again, retain your tool, or use auxiliary pills of your own. Try to do the above when you feel you are approaching the peak if you slow down a little bit, but you still continue with more hands and fewer tools.

So go there to grab the checkered flag and put yourself back on the podium …

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