Slot racing Nostalgia

I suppose we all remember the days of young people when nothing matters in the world, and the most stressful decisions around us are around the next party. Well, as we grow older, those happy days that have long passed through the distant and rarely discovered discoveries of our memories. I often try to stretch out my hand and grab some of the memories before they evaporate and will not be able to hold back. This moment is no different, and as long as this memory is fresh, I want to print it and share it with whom you will listen, hoping to shed light on your long memory memories.

In my youth, the slots race was a wonderful adventure that we could compete in Taladega or in the police station with a wonderful trans while Burt Reynolds was on the sidelines. The trails were bumpy and often we spent more time finding all the pieces than the race. I remember setting barriers under sharp corners to set up a bank so that our cars did not leave the track and the wall. And although we are not actually racing car racers, in this short moment it was the fastest man on four wheels. The slot machine competition was not just entertaining but it has developed a level of innovation and ingenuity that could not help but only heightened our self-esteem and confidence.

When the link between the rail sections failed, all of the paper clips were used on the foil rubber pads to improve the circuit. If a car needs to be a bit faster, we put unnecessary pieces of metal to get a weight problem. If cars can not hold the corners, anything can be done at the corners. We are geniuses, we are engineers, we are mechanics, and we were barriers. Though our parents thought we were wasting their time, we could learn valuable lessons beyond the slots and affecting our other arena of life. To this day, I have a long learning lesson for my many things.

Although I may not be an engineer, the lessons learned about having a strong relationship that has served me well in my adult life lately, be it an electrical connection or a relationship with my friend. Although I may not be a mechanic, the lessons learned from the quality of craftsmanship have helped me to shape the most important decisions of my life, and while I can not work in a pit, experience in working with others is a common purpose for which I have shaped my entrepreneurial style.

It's hard to imagine looking back at something as simple as a racing car, perhaps the cornerstone on which the rest of my life is based, and it goes a little further away, but it's definitely worth hanging. Fortunately, there are many places in the world with the same idea and they all work diligently to make sure that car racing is not lost in history dust collectors. Now they are using new technologies that make better and faster tracks than before, and companies have access to the masses. There are some websites dedicated to the traditions and history of the slots race and to those brave souls who dare to stand up and say, "Some things are worth saving." I salute you.

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