Slot racing

Slot car racing is the recreational activity of a racing car's electronic motorcycle models run on slopes or slots to drive a car. Competitors can be operated with manual or throttle controls that control the small electronic motors that are hidden in the cars. Greater pressure on the gas at a higher rate. Each car runs on a separate track inside its own. Rally cars are challenged at the highest speed that does not cause the car to lose its adhesion on the track and turn to one side or the deslot and go into the air.

Many racing drivers favor the race track, but some fans like modeling rail transport with highly structured tracks have carved out the appearance of a real-life racing show of complete buildings, trees and people. The Slot car race has fewer followers than the model leader.

Most slot cars are models of cars, but some riders decide to be customized. Most trademarks use commercially available slot machines, others choose motorized static models, and some create their own mechanisms and bodies from basic components and equipment.

There are three regular slot car scales – 1/24 aspect ratio, 1/32 scale and HO (Half & # 39; O & # 39;) sizes (1/87 to 1/64). There are two large HO tournament organizers in the US, namely HOPRA (H.O. Professional Racing Organization) and UFHORA (United States Association). Each country is organized once a year, usually in July. There are a number of state organizations working between these two organizations. H. O. race tracks fit into common basements

Fray Ferndale, California, is the world's largest racing car race where the finest race compete for the highest honors. The highly competitive race is held annually in February and more than 100 people and 16 teams are competing for eight tables. Most state organizations run part of the series on domestic tracks and are often used in national competitions.

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