Solar powered cars on the horizon

Solar energy can play an important role in vehicle transport. If the clowns of solar energy behave, we can drive on cars with sunroofs on sunny cars soon. The first and last developments are still in progress, but you can get a solar car (not to be confused with a sunscreen). Solar panels are made of solar cells that make the car more efficient and can be found on the latest Toyota models.

Prius is the first runner in the environmentally friendly car market. You can read a lot (about Top Gear) because there is not enough power. In the past they have also left as a fad that would only be popular because of the illusion of vegetables. But they met some of the celebrities of a certain man and soon had venerable consequences. From the outset, it has shown that it is much more than a new kind of novelty, which results in competitors competing.

Solar panels are just one of Toyota's ingenuity. Its primary purpose is to provide the energy needed to operate the air conditioner, which means that you do not have to feel guilty of a cool stay. When the car is parked, heat is absorbed, which means that it will not bake when it arrives. It won't take long for the interior to return to comfortable temperatures.

Solar fuel is a more fantastic idea than solar panels on the car roof. But according to Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico, this is a real opportunity.

Renewable Energy News reports that Sandia Labs's research team has developed a Counter Rotating Ring Receiver Reactor recuperator, and as it is a bit of a sled, it is a practical abbreviation – the abbreviation CR5.

Very simple, very simple, CR5 is a solar powered reactor. Collects carbon dioxide in the fumes emitted by power plants. The Fischer-Tropsch process and some cerium oxide rings convert carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide and convert water to oxygen and hydrogen. It then overcomes the isolated components to produce a hydrocarbon fuel. The team is currently working on an extraction method that would allow the reactor to use carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere, which makes the fuel 100% carbon dioxide. But CO2, which usually enters the atmosphere and causes some damage, is a good start.

Technology is not perfect. At least not yet, but the efforts of the Sandia National Labs team, inspired by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology's friendly boys' competition, will soon visit us on the most modern solar powered cars.

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