Speed ​​up your car

Wondering somewhere, what happens to your RC car or truck every time you try to move forward, turn, and stop? These types of objects can be small, but there are many actions when trying to move. What do you say about the things that go when the car goes faster? What do you really need?

If you want your car to run faster during a race or simply during an afternoon exercise, the best and most economical answer would be to use blades. What are these tapes? The hedge is a thin metal or wedge which can also be made of wood. The RC parts are to help the RC car maintain its level unless it is on rough roads, large stones and the like. A car with RC cars reduces leakage while running.

There is an area between the rear hub and the center of the axle so that the shade can be inserted, as there is a clear difference between the two materials. First, remove the parts from the rear hub and then from the shaft hub. Then reassemble the rear hub, but this time place the flange (the plastic washer made of wood or metal), then the bearing.

Please note that the corners you have supplied must match the same size as the ball bearing to ensure it is working properly. As for the smooth, it minimizes the gap between the shaft pin and the bearing. This has to make the trick of running the RC car faster.

However, it has a downside to slipping. If there is too much car, it is possible that the tires of the car will be bound. It is true that it will not go further but is mandatory, this will be the next problem. Therefore, be careful not to use too much of the bearings.

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