Sports Car Racing – How to Get Started

So you want to compete with your car? This is great, but some information is needed before it hits. There are many things to consider, what type of car, what kind of trails, what kind of budget, etc. The most important thing to start with is how the budget is. Both the pre-financing budget is to acquire / build a car and, secondly, its ongoing annual budget. Once you have determined your budget, you need to determine what kind of competition you want to make. There are a number of great tournament organizations in the United States, SCCA and NASA are the two largest. There are also racing teams such as BMW CCA Club Racing, Porsche Club Racing and so on. Finally, there are many regional groups such as the Midwest Council Sport Car Club.

Each of these organizations has a GCR (General Racing Rules) that is needed to cover the cover plates before they do anything. This is where most people are on the wrong track. They decide they want to compete, buy a car, buy a lot of fast speeds, bolt them, and contact the competition organizations. They show up, are ready to compete and find out they can not do much because their car is full of unauthorized configurations. In GCR, you first need to find the class you want to drive in. Each of them usually has different classes from Stock (or Stock) to try out a full module. This typically increases spending.

If you have your class, the next step is to find the right car. Depending on the motivations, this can be examined in different ways. If you want to win, do some research to find out what cars dominate the classes and go to one. If you want a particular model, find where the model is located and build / buy it. Keep in mind that not every car is competitive in any category … usually just the opposite.

I highly recommend finding online forums for any group you want to run and be active. Read what other active contestants are asking, learn about the group. It's a big mistake to see a lot of people, everybody thinks it's cheaper to build a car for racing. This can not be done. I highly recommend that you buy a pre-manufactured, proven car during construction, almost every time. Car construction is usually 2-3 times more expensive than purchasing a built-in pickup car.

This is just a very small primer in tournaments. It is difficult to enter into all important areas, but the biggest elements must clearly identify what you want to gain from racing, what you want to spend and where you want it. With this information, you can easily add your organization, class, and car you want to compete with.

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