Sports hospitality can be an effective marketing platform?

Traditional advertising channels overwhelm our world. The target audience is increasingly dazzling the ads and the public, and is no longer responding to advertising breaks. Sports-marketing-catering is a strategic tool for winning new customers and developing B2B relationships?

Sport is truly capable of mixing passions that create a diverse audience that can be targeted by the deliberate choice of the most appropriate discipline of a given company, Values.

The benefits of using sports do not end in communication to end users, but are also expressed in various forms of B2B Corporate Hospitality.

In this context, it is a targeted, powerful tool for sports betting provided by sporting events.

For example, tournaments with large media profiles, such as MotoGp, Superbike and Formula One sports betting programs, allow companies to provide a spectacular experience for both well-established and prospective customers. competition in the world's most important circuits. Thus, it is possible to publicize PR activities in an informal, thrilling environment and have the opportunity to develop a more constructive agreement based on the common enthusiasm of a particular competitor or team.

Thanks to dedicated spaces that can personally personalize your company's colors and logos, guests can look at competition with all the comforts, including the highest quality hospitality and the hospitality of friendly, professional staff.

The B2B Sport Entertainment program includes parallel activities for entertaining guests over time. Among them, the most popular is the "Paddock Tour" that allows guests to "go behind the scenes" to visit the places where drivers or drivers work side by side with mechanics to bring the drama of life to life and the Pit Lane Walk, where in some cases it is possible to cross the pit track to see the pits and what is happening close to them.

Activities of this type represent the "added value" of a sports betting package as they allow guests to get in touch with the heart of the event and experience experiences that can not be bought on their own. Moreover, the emotional impact of such sporting events not only leaves the participants with good memories, but also promotes the image of the support company with positive values.

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