Super Cars

The excitement of man to speed is best experienced with super cars. They made super cars to taste the new extremes for mankind. Their powerful engines are built on softer bodies that allow high speeds to reach incredible accelerations.

Modern super cars are much more reliable than older ones. New technology is used to reduce the environment less; new exhaust gas converters, relatively lower ignition engines, etc. Now they are made with safer tools and bodies to keep not only safe people, but also those who are hurt. All this, just to build a better future for our children, and safer and clearer tomorrow. But here's the Super Cars, but that's not easy.

Super cars are likely to be much faster and more frightening than ordinary cars. Although they are still all of them, they are slightly slower compared to the Super Cars of the past fifty years ago. Modern super cars have much more technology, even if they hit the brake, the computer inside the car calculates the speed and towing control and brakes the car so the response time is slower than the older Superstars; where exactly what the car did and when you said that. Fifteen years ago, McLaren claimed to have the technology to cross the 240 km / h speed. Although Porche has the same technology to achieve this goal, somehow they have been detained for some strange reason. Some old Super cars such as the Ferrari F40 did not have door handles, radios and carpets, and all made it much easier. The F40 jumped to 60 in 3.2 seconds, and almost no modern supercar was able to reach. New, modern cars, however, have many tools, but only confusing factors. If you are in a super car, the drive and drive are fast. Older Superstars are still much faster than the new ones.

Environmental agencies and government regulations made today's Super Cars power over the cronies a decade ago, but prevented the design and management of a super car.

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