Super Mario 64 For Ds

Before I appeared with Super Mario 64 DS, I haven't played this game for years! To see and play again a huge "explosion of the past" for me, and lots of great memories. At Nintendo 64 I was never able to finish the game, so when I got the DS version, I was so excited!

Control is much easier than the DS stylus, like a small joystick-type object like the Nintendo 64 controller. I didn't think a pencil would give you the same feeling we used to do, but help me. With this portable game, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Wario can travel anywhere, instead of just sitting at home in front of the TV. With the vibrant colors and screens of DSs, Mario and his friends are almost alive to your eyes!

The graphics of the game are absolutely awesome and the sound and sound effects are amazing! I think the game has 50 or more stars than the original game! Plus, you can play tons of mini games to grab rabbits at different levels of the castle! Unique and sometimes difficult opponents with different levels! With tasks such as chasing underwater creatures on high flight through the sky, solving an infinite staircase, overcoming the stars needed for Bowser, Super Mario 64 is a fun game for DS!

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