Super Mario Galaxy for Nintendo Wii

Who doesn't like Mario? It's a game for all ages. There are many people who collect Mario games. There's a awesome Mario game for you, the Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii, here Mario is trying to save his dear princess. Toadstool is the clutch of evil Bowser. This time, Mario gets the help of various friends to defeat all enemies and bosses, such as Thwomps and Goombas, to fight an angry spider and robot that emit more balls quickly.

Mario is a bit more advanced and more cautious; now has special clothes like a bee dress, which forms metamorphosis in a uterus, so Mario can pass through the Honeycomb stage to collect all levels to be on every level. Then there is the boo suit, Mario becomes a ghostly threat, this suit helps him in the haunted house without deserving attention, but helps to help ghost girlfriends in the haunted house because other boo ghosts quickly fall in love with Mario with an eye. And in the Super Mario Galaxy, the classic features first seen in Mario's first version will return to the Fire Flower and a new ice flower that Mario will allow him to freeze his enemies on ice.

The game is wise, Mario Galaxy is fun because it has always been and is suitable for both children and adults, and even grandparents who liked to play Mario for children. You control the game with the Wii Mote and it's easy to get it first. In addition, you can use trees to control trees from one platform to another using controls. One of the best features of the game is co-op mode. This means that it will work with the other player to defeat the enemy and win the game. Here, two people can play someone who can join in the fun and help overcome the bigger enemies you meet.

Super Mario Galaxy is a platform for Wii gaming, don't forget Nintendo, where the game creators are. If you like classic Mario and you are still playing like me, you definitely like the Super Mario Galaxy. It's fun and easy to play, yet it is quite a challenge to hold yourself. It is available at a very cheap price … Don't miss the chance to add this awesome game to your Nintendo Wii game collection.

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