Super Power of Super Dump Trucks!

Super dumpers have heavy and powerful equipment for industries that need more capacity to carry out their work. For example, the ore mining industry supplies large rocks from open mining operations to the processing point. Just like any other truck, super-tipping trucks are relatively easy to operate.

Despite being bulky, there is no age or no limit to driving this type of vehicle. It is not considered difficult for a person to operate this type of vehicle because no commercial driving license (CDL) is required.


These vehicles are impressive; these are huge machines. Usually they are used in the mining industry, especially in open mining. For example, the WABCO 3200 B electric loader was built in 1974 and has a capacity of 235 tonnes. It is about 20 feet tall and 54 feet long with a 2500 horsepower engine. This is extremely difficult, weighing 422 tons. Thanks to its enormous size, it is delivered to the mining area, it is in pieces and re-assembled at work. Since these trucks are so serious, they can only work in the actual work area.

There are other super-dumpers that are as powerful yet capable of carrying legal capacity and ability to run on state and federal highways. These trucks have 4-7 axles and are capable of carrying capacity between 19 and 32 tons. They have the same characteristics as their heavier counterparts, such as fast rotation and relatively easy maneuverability, which are common features of a general dump truck.

Most entrepreneurs show such profitable and robust equipment for businesses with profitability on concrete or asphalt plating, spraying, wind operations and stockpiling. The load on the cargo covers the whole dump body in order to maintain the weight requirements of federal bridge laws.


Maintenance plays an important role in achieving this massive work ability and massive equipment. Below are a few days to consider:

  • Tires – Tire pressure should be checked daily. The tire pressure must be kept even on both sides as this is very important with the heavy load that these vehicles carry
  • Suspension – Check the suspension when the vehicle is loaded to be strong enough
  • Sleeves – Regularly check the sleeves and lubrication pins
  • Lifting rollers – Check the lifting rolls regularly and replace the worn rollers with the same operating pressure


    Because these super vehicles are powerful and powerful, they can cause huge problems if security procedures are not followed thoroughly. Only properly trained operators should be allowed to run and operate massive machinery. A trained operator is able to detect the dangers to this type of operation. In addition, other staff, such as dots and gauges, should be careful when driving near the vehicle

    Super dumpers are equipped with two powerful hydraulic arms and are equipped with the latest safety features. This equipment can be considered safer as there are brakes on all axes. There is also a secondary side suspension system that is added to make the vehicle more stable. In the case of a flat tire, this super vehicle has a system that releases the pressure on the axes, even if it handles the payload with low payload.

    Most of the contractors in the mining and construction industry are these vehicles. With built-in force, traction capacity and safety features, dumpers' work can be the next profitable business investment a company should consider

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