SuperCar Challenge PS3 review

This is the second attempt at Eutechnyx to make a big sim driver. The Ferrari Challenge semi-finals are filled with large shoes. But there is something else in the game.

Unlike the Ferrari Challenge, this game features a whole new career mode that allows you to start searching for racing circuits around all continents. With the number of curtain points, the new track or car is released. We have found this solution to be extremely pleasant, and it is always surprising what follows. Apart from the release of new things and some trophies, there is not much to see. You can also crack in arcade mode. In this mode, three bands for three contingencies are introduced, such as the upper part 3. You are going to the next difficulty level after you finish your goal. But unfortunately, it does not bother the developers' choices. One can not be saved between all attempts. This means that if you make two songs with the expert difficulty, you will not stop without having to make all three songs. That's why this is our least favorite mode. But there are more in the SuperCar Challenge. Fast race, time travel, paint your car and more! So, in short, you will not be bored.

The SuperCar challenge is also top quality. Graphics has been progressively progressing since the challenge of the game. This time, the colors look more natural, and the aspect ratios will also improve. We know this is with the fact that this game is a PS3 exclusive (Ferrari Challenge) because the engine is very similar. The sound is awesome. The sound of Theengine (or music, if you want) is better than ever and far beyond a Polyphony Digital game you've ever heard. And if you do not like the screaming V12 voice behind you, you've given the opportunity to listen to your own MP3 in the background. To fine-tune the whole music and motor sound phenomenon, it is possible to sound the sound and environmental sounds. This is the way to go well with Eutechnyx.

AI and governance are indispensable in all racing games and fortunately this is happening here. Computer cars continue to block their line, but not as aggressive as the Ferrari Challenge. I really liked the blocker AI, but now it's just perfect. For example, in the past, the computer might try to block even if the speed difference is enormous, this time it is still occasionally, but not so much. Driving with control and steering wheel works well! It was difficult to turn around with one of the drivers of the cars because some cars were very unbreakable. But this is a plus, because the game must be indispensable, and it is even better if the wagons actually lead the way in the SuperCar Challenge. This effect makes this game a sim and a good one.

Now the last chapter of the review, in which we talk about the issues. First, until we feel that Ferrara will never be enough, a bit more variations would be nice. Of the 44 cars, 30 or more Ferraris can be. But we can not say this is a problem because the Ferrari cars are already ready for the prequel, so let's leave something for just a little balanced. The problem is more about menus. Smooth and full of animation, but maybe too much. This occasionally slowly detects the surface. For example, when you have to wait for the car preview to pop up before you can pick up the car and resume it. Another problem we found was the disability of the system to occasionally remember the aids. We tried to remove the racing line, but in a few ways it was magically reversed. But nothing short of a visit to the menu can be fixed. To eliminate problems, we really want to see a mixed car mode. Sometimes it is fun to compete with other types of supercars.

SuperCar Challenge differs significantly from prequel. Good graphics and sound are so close to Grand Turismo 5 Prologue so far. Driving is wonderful, and cars really feel different in life. But slow menus and lack of variety in the car can limit their experience. Sometimes the game may be annoying, especially in arcade mode. Ultimately, this game is highly recommended for simulation fans or people who really love cars.

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