Supercars needs super cleaning

We did everything … bought a car because it looked wonderful in the showroom and thought it looked awesome in our car racer.

We imagined the jealousy of our neighbors when we got home to show new wheels

But the tough reality is that after two weeks the car lost the entire glossy appearance of dirt and dirt in everyday automobiles

Imagine that he had spent a royal ransom on a superstore, a car that only mortals could only dream of, and when you show them to your friends, you (or the bus) must cleanse it.

So, what kind of car cleaning agents do you use to look again at the painting without causing ubiquitous outlines and fading to conventional car washing?

Since Supercars are special cars, special attention must be paid to keeping them clean. The trick must not be scared of cleaning the supercar.

Paint: The first step is a routine washing of dust, road contamination and other impurities. The second is a more thorough cleaning procedure to prepare the paint for a protective coating (for example, wax).

Supercircles must always be washed by hand – never an automated machine like a gas station. Proper cleaning of the dye will take time to scratch and creep into the paint. When washing, some simple elements are required: a hose with adjustable nozzle, washing powder, bucket and soap. Sheepskin washing pumps are a good choice for cleaning a super car, but do not settle for synthetic sheepskin. Natural sheepskin takes longer, holds more water and is safer for toner. Make sure that the washer has been thoroughly cleaned since the last use. Spun needles, rocks, sand and other contaminants that are smashed in the washing tape scratch their paint.

"Soap that is important when washing your car is not important, do not use household soap or other abrasives. Use a special car cleaner designed to remove dirt and road pollution without damaging the paint, "says Jonathan Copping of the specialist car cleaner supplier of Croftgate. Make sure the bucket is clean, pour the hose into the bucket to create matings. "

" If you have a shady space, it is best to have car wash, this will help to build up and allow "

" Before you start washing, make sure that the washer is easy to rinse your car. Use misty or gentle showering, but do not blow the paint with a sprayer with full force, this light rinse every loose material removes dust and dirt and reduces your chances of scratching the paint to wash. "

" Take the dirt wet and soapy, and then wash your car, starting at the top. This saves time because you do not need to wash the soaps from areas that have been cleaned and this will help keep water and wash the cleaner as the cars are more prone to the bottom and the wheels. "

"Do not worry about cleaning the wheels, first wash all painted surfaces, work at one stage at a time, then rinse with a gentle stream until all the painted surfaces are washed and rinsed."

not to get dried water stains in the paint. If you want to use a towel, make sure you have 100% cotton (including seams on the edges) to reduce the odds of the whirls. However, the best and safest solution for drying a paint is a tail. If you are using a jeans, wear some terry towels in dry, dirty areas such as door jams, wheelchairs, and other areas that can paint statuettes.

To use stains, simply moisten, whistle, and gently wipe the painted surfaces. It behaves like a sponge and absorbs water. If it is full of water, unscrew it and hold it until the ink is dry.

Wheels: Supercar wheels are available in different shapes and finishes. Some wheels are painted and lighter than your car. These should be cleaned and treated like the paint of other cars. Other Wheel Types: Transparent Coated Aluminum, Anodised; chrome plated, non-transparent coated aluminum and magnesium

Wheels are usually dirty than other areas of the car due to brake dust. When selecting the cleaning agent, keep yourself away from the "spray on, hose off" products available in the traditional car care shops. Too hard for the most expensive wheels.

For chrome wheels, use non-abrasive chromium-plated lenses not specifically designed for this purpose. For non-chrome wheels, use a non-abrasive wheel cleaner. Use a sponge or wash cloth with the cleaning agent to remove all dust and dirt. Use the wild boar hair brush for wheels with complex patterns to reach all the zugs and flanges that hide the dirt. Dry the wheels with a soft towel when finished. Croftgate has recently received a rare approval from Alcan Europe's leading alloy manufacturer for the safety of the alloy wheel cleaner

Tires: Tires are of the same type on the market as they are tires. Your product depends to a great extent on how you would like tires to appear when they are finished. You may like the "wet" appearance or you want to reset the original black appearance of the tires, but it does not shine too much.

Regardless of which tire you choose, be sure to wear the outer rim of the tire. If the tires are dripping, running or accidentally spraying the tire tread, the tires may become slippery and cause a dangerous situation to the driver.

Glass: Cleaning the windshield and windows is an essential element of Ferrari's detail. There are many detergents available, but choose a product that does not have colorants, fragrances, or other chemicals that stain on the window surface. Make sure it is safe to use on the window paint foil and prevent fogging when it is used inside the windows. Use a lint-free towel, microfiber, or paper when wiping glass cleaning products to avoid streaking.

If the windscreen is clean, try using a windscreen wiper to pull the wind out of the windscreen as it leads. Apply a liberal amount with circular, overlapping movement. Allow it to dry in the fog, then clean it by spraying small amounts of water on the windscreen and then wiping it with a clean towel.

Protective Coats: In order to protect paint, it is essential to have a regular protective coating such as a wax or polymeric coating. How often you apply paint protection, depends largely on what product you choose, how often you drive the car and the weather conditions in your area. However, the general rule is that the paint of the vehicle must be protected at least every 6 months.

Before applying the protective coating, however, paint surface should be prepared. Preparation of the surface starts with good washing according to the above instructions but further preparation increases the results of the protective coating. Preparation of the surface removes all the old wax, cleanses the paint thoroughly and helps protect the paint from the surface when it is used in the next step.

If you decide to wax the superstar, make sure you have a very good quality Carnauba wax. The waxes can be applied manually or by machine. Using the machine application, you can make sure that the wax is applied evenly, but may damage the paint if the machine is bad. If you are planning a machine, make sure it is a random orbital buffer. If you plan to use your wax manually, make sure you have plenty of time and patience to get the job done right.

Proper waxing involves applying evenly the wax, leaving time for the wax to obscure the surface of the paint and then buffing the shadow on a brilliant bright surface. Use a high quality sponge applicator for wax application and use a lint-free 100% cotton polishing cloth to remove it. Follow the instructions provided with wax products to ensure the best results.

Although waxing provides good results and provides adequate protection for supercircles, wax has many problems. Removal of the wax should be done with adequate timing, so you do not have much trouble removing the blur left over from the waxy wax. The accumulation of wax takes care, especially because the waxes yellow in time. It requires a lot of work on the wax emblems, around the lights, the gums and other heavy spots in the car. And a wax does not last long under normal driving conditions. Generally, waxes provide good protection and conditioning that we like water with a fresh wax coating. A fresh waxy job will also be beautiful when sunlight hits.

However, wax technology has not changed significantly over the years, while ink technology. Because of this, many superstars have become owners of a polymer-based protective surface for wax substitution. The polymer-based product can bind to the clean surface – the waxes do not. The use of a polymer based product is more like adding varnish to the car. The design is no problem, as more ink layers will protect your paint more effectively and make the surface more subtle.

This polished thin layer is not circular, the entire painted surface of the car. In the first application let the Polish heal for at least one day to the next. It was theoretically permissible for the Polish months to be dry and still can easily remove the adverse effects. As the polisher cures, it becomes white fog. After being completely cured, it can be quickly and easily erased with a soft cotton polishing cloth. Polishing is re-applied every 6-8 months, and each application increases the protection of the paint of the car. Tracking applications only require curing time of 15 to 20 minutes

Motorcycles: Just because the engine space is not plane does not mean it must be dirty. Grease, oil, dirt, dust, dirt and other impurities result in a beautiful motorcycle look.

Before using any liquid cleaner in your engine, be sure to cover the electrical contacts. Spray a degreaser on your engine and let it work for 5 to 10 minutes. For stubborn spots, use a brush to clean the dirt. Rinse the degreaser and let it dry. Do not use inflammable bandages on hoses, lines or any other area of ​​the engine compartment as it may cause fire if exposed to high temperatures.

The detail project is the only remaining part of the black decoration that adorns the super car. Most tires are a good choice when wearing black rubber, plastic and vinyl covers in your vehicle.

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