Superheroes and super cars

Will Smith recently appeared in Hancock (the superhero is flying this way, so there is no super car), you can always associate superheroes with super cars – Batman Batmobile or X-jet Blackbird or even Ghost Rider Harley. Innovative thinkers who make these average machines do not leave any stone, and these super cars with accessories and design are likely to fit the wildest car fantasies.

Let's take a deep look at some of the most popular super cars, but please be aware that every detail we're going to argue is fictitious and the creator's fantasy.

First of all, the Batmobile – the Dark Knight's reliable holder does not require any introduction. Featuring a powerful engine with armored chassis and missile amplifier, special tools and mounted weapons, the Batmobile is a powerhouse that provides good maneuver for hostile attacks and obstacles. To add these features, there are additional small mowers such as the forensic kit, tiny helicopter, remote and computer connectivity to Batcave. Batmobile is often referred to as nuclear power generation.

Then we come to the X men. Armed with all the latest technology, Dr. Xavier, X-Men use Blacks, Blackbird (later X-jet). The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, a long-term, strategic reconnaissance aircraft, was well illustrated. The original aircraft has been running for more than three decades – between 1964 and 1998, where 32 aircraft models were created. The X-Men version of the blackwork differed with some important aspects: the X-jet could accommodate more passengers and the "Vertical take-off and landing" has been modified.

Then we get to the latest super vehicle & # 39; – Not a car, but more than a mention on the list. Though the movie Ghost Rider did not make such a lasting impression, his trip definitely. In the film, Nicolas Cage aka Johnny Blaze's "Buell's motorcycle to try it and Grace is a highly customized hard-hearted shredder that transforms into the" Hell Cycle "- burns a fire and a blazing skull at the beginning. The Ghost Rider Skull Flames are designed to show off feelings of anger, and then become smaller and more crushed.

Another superhero vehicle that catches your eye on the Swat Kats & # 39; s jet – Turbos. Shaving and T bone love, while fighting for a moment in the fight against crime. Jet aspects include the latest weapon system as well as the vertical take-off and landing function – this is two seater. Additionally, the Turbents will hold a pair of small motorcycles that Swat Kats uses if needed.

Special mention of the Robin motorcycle – "Robin-mobile" is shame on the armor and a hot poem but this is a notorious title on Spiderman's Spider-Man All Terrain Vehicle: How could writers write a situation when Spiderman is leading an ATV?

Well, that was the rounding of different superheroes. tours – my vote goes to Batmobile, not just for versatility, but for the aesthetically pleasing design that it makes before the race.

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