Technical Writing – How to write the justifications for the project justification

As part of the development of the entire project framework, the technical author must first develop the certification documentation. This document, which is also a "business case", defines the root causes of the project. Here is a simple guide to creating a project certification.

Exploring the Problem

Businesses do not carry out projects for entertainment; they are being implemented to solve a particular issue or problem. The problem needs to be clearly and accurately described at the beginning of the document, so you can show how to solve the problem.

For example, if you plan to introduce a new Human Resource Management System (HRMS), the problem is; "The HR team currently spends almost 80% of non-productive administrative tasks, dramatically reducing the efficiency of the feature."

Designing the Solution

This should be a simple statement for the definition of the project. This allows the reader to understand what you propose.

"We intend to introduce an automatic HRMS system to reduce the two-thirds of manual delivery."

Support Information

The problem and solution does not justify the project for stakeholders and policy makers, so you need to provide the right level of information to support the recommendations.

Examples of information you can use:

    – It's not always the strongest argument, but if you can show that every competitor uses similar systems, it certainly suggests that it's worth considering in your organization.
  • Business Needs – In this example, the business need is clear, the HR team devotes most of the working time to non-professional tasks and costs money.
  • Customer needs – what has your client cried? Do not forget to involve both internal customers and external customers.
  • Technological Development – What's going on in the world, there are compelling case studies developed by IT and systems
  • Legal – Do not forget all the important obligations of law if you can show that your project meets compliance or makes it easier to meet your requirements. a business case study or project certificate is an essential part of the larger project entry process. Ideally, write this early project life cycle to get help and funding. You will also be able to clearly identify the goals of the task so that members of the team will get a clear message.

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