Technological development of Dar Bearing Co Ltd.

During the financial crisis, the market situation was very bad. Many companies faced many difficulties. When it came to the crisis, Ning Bearing Co., Ltd. decided to challenge this challenge. He decided to continue the technology project, not the financial crisis. At present, the company overcomes the difficulties and is developing very well

Dar Bearing Co., Ltd. is an international bearing manufacturing company that combines bearing development and research, manufacturing with sales and services. It has high precision mini-groove deep groove ball bearings and automotive bearings. And its products are widely used in high-speed electric motors and many other areas. The automotive series, cleaner series and airbags, etc.

The company has a very special workshop. The specialty of the workshop is to integrate production with the exam. A worker in the workshop says that during the production, products have to pass through six tests. The entire production line for these tests has long been set, but these products can be tested without stopping the production line. Technology has developed a lot.

Zhao Minghua, CEO of the company, says automation of the equipment guarantees the high quality of the bearings. If quality control is carried out by workers, there are many aspects that may have a negative impact on product quality. For example, if a worker has bad emotions, he may lead to a working method that can affect product quality control. In addition, there are many bad judgments about product quality.

It is said that the investment of the two automated equipment exceeds four million. It is a shame that this investment has hit the financial crisis. Most of the company's products were sold to foreign companies that manufactured household appliances, such as vacuum cleaners; therefore the Dar Bearing Company could not avoid the stakeholders. In this tough state, customers have given more demands on the quality of the products they buy. Accordingly, the Dar Bearing Company insisted on technological development. About 10 million were invested in the technology project in 2008 and 2009. Obviously, the company made the right decision and improving technology led the company to success.

Undoubtedly, technology is a very important element for manufacturing bearings. It is very wise Dar Bearing Society to develop technology before the financial crisis. And its courage makes the company even better.

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