The 1250 horsepower supercar you never heard of: Zenvo ST1

What's more than 1000 horsepower, super and turbochargers, and it's over $ 1 million? Bad. Not Bugatti Veyron. Again bad. Not the Lamborghini Sixth Element. Three. Not Koenigsegg Agera R. In fact, the supercar he has never heard of: The Zenvo ST1

Zenvo vehicle was built by Jesper Jensen and Troels Vollertsen in 2004. names. The Danish-based Zenvo Automotive has just one goal in mind: "Making a unique, hand-made supercar". Zenvo was an interesting time in the automotive industry. Both Pagani and Koenigsegg have been at this point for nearly a decade now, and have claimed a number of superstars. Likewise, in 2004, the expected Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 was officially announced. It will require some records, which one day Zenvo questions. In 2004, Zenvo did not even start working on a production model, but he faced significant challenges in the current supercars market.

However, Zenvo worked on prototypes for four years. Soon after, the production of Zenvo ST1 began in 2009. The idea of ​​the Zenvo ST1 was to create an extremely powerful, raw supercar capable of handling the track, but can also be seen on the streets and motorways of the city every day. The ST1 construction is 100% Danish. The end product is a combination of impressive specifications and alloys that require attention, yet remain handy and practical.

Perhaps the most varied feature of the ST1 is that the model name means a car that is both charged and turbocharged. 1 represents Zenvo Automotive's first model number. Both components are upgraded to 7.0-liter V8 and get at 1250 hp at 6,900 RPM and 1,440 lb-ft at 4500 RPM! That's right, you can now add a superstar to the Danish list of things, Legos and Vikings. The 7.0-liter displacement of the Zenvo ST1 to just 1.0 liter under the Bugatti Veyron, but hey, Veyrons has an additional 8 cylinder, 4 turbochargers, and still 263 hp less than ST1. Zenvo is the first automotive manufacturer to put both the turbocharger and the compressor together. The result is a curve that does not curve. In fact, the force is constantly rising with RPMs in a straight line. The resulting character is a naturally desired vehicle that is much stronger.

The Zenvo ST1 features a 6-speed gearbox specifically designed to handle tremendous horsepower and torque; but Zenvo also offers the option of installing ST1 with a paddle-shift solution. The ST1 can be used both with E85 BioFuel's regular, lead-free, or both.

The Zenvo ST1 is made up of an individual carbon body that yields 1,336 kg of weight, 10 pounds less than a Toyota Prius, but will you care about these cars? The weight of the Ferrari 458 Italia weighs more than 109 kg, while the weight of the ST1 and Bugatti Veyron is 512 kg. But Bugatti continues to be the # 1 result when Google becomes the fastest car in the world, while Zenvo still does not make any claims, even though it is a priceless spec sheet. Time tells us that the ST1 is worthy of such recognition.

Do not forget to mention that the ST1 is also handy. Standard comfort equipment such as air conditioning, iPod inputs, navigation and adjustable seats make ST1 a day-to-day driver. This superstar's interior design will surely take into account that when you do not laugh at the spots in the rearview mirror, you can sing to Lady Gaga or use the GPS to help find the nearest racing track. The bottom line not only gives you an extremely expensive engineering job, but a dozen nerds who just make a fancy card. He gets a car that works and plays.

Only 15 cars are built and sold in advance to approved customers. The Zenvo ST1 is cool for $ 1.8 million, but do not worry, Zenvo throws a "free" $ 50,000 clock. Fortunately, for the mega-rich, Zenvo wants to export all manufacturing vehicles due to the astronomical car tax of Denmark, which would represent 200% and would result in unjustified expense. If not, then Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, the grandson and majority shareholder of LEGOs. It is equally important that Zenvo keeps the source and manufacturer of ST1 in place in Denmark, avoiding cheaper prices and sometimes wider availability of widely available parts from other countries. A philosophy that is amazing in the car industry and followed by just a few other companies.

Zenvo ST1 is a perfect mix of Danish culture and history, a combination of fearless Vikings and innovative Legos. The only thing that makes sense is that the design configuration of ST1 is both threatening and scary as the Vikings, yet innovative, unique and timeless as the Legos. As Zenvo states, the design is made of "freewheeling acceleration lines" and that "sharp lines are linked to the organic surface of the muscle, creating dramatic reflections". This is a nice sales talk, but you do not really have to read a lot to know that this car makes Vikings like male hunters. Look at the ST1 from all angles and you know this car is more cramped than David Beckam abs. The ST1 plan had to be landed underground in a crazy scientist's laboratory, in contrast to the Toyota Prius, which a man named Ralph had to design, collecting butterfly stickers and watching all 700 Power Rangers episodes.

The Zenvo ST1 is certainly not a popular car that raises ambitious claims like SSC Ultimate Aero or Dagger GT, and while not taking the World Records of the Bugatti Veyron it's certain that a car will have to count on it. After all, the Vikings were never really good at politics or propaganda, but when they came to the city – he knew he was going to die.

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