The 1955 Chrysler C-300 – The Beautiful Brute

If ever a nickname was found appropriate, the only writer, Karl Ludvigsen, was perfect when calling the 1955 Chrysler C-300 to "Beautiful Brutes." This car was actually bald in appearance and power, and the car that really started the race track when it came out on a production line with the first 300 horsepower engine. The C-300 is considered to be the first muscle car, but it did not fit the popular description, which was then called a super car. To have a super car, the engine had to be the largest in the smallest body. The engine was the largest far, but the body was one of the largest, so it was not a super car, even though one ran. [195] In 1951, Chrysler came out with a hegembrone combustion chamber engine, and was quite upset and signaled that the horse race would be warmed up in the next 20 years. If in 1951 people were surprised, the horsepower was raised to 300 hp in 4 years.

The 1955 C-300 was called "Forward Look" style. Despite the fact that Virgil Exner designed it, people joked that the Chrysler package was designed in the same way as you did. The first clip with the barbecue was taken over from the New Yorker model from the Imperial 1955, and Windsor also contributed to the rear quarter. Exner was able to do this with the basic model of the Chrysler bumpers and ended with a design that became a classic bodywork of all time. While it was a stitched model, there were no rear lights or side mirrors, it was not tan upholstery, and options included electric seats and windows, tinted glass, radio and heating, and stylish Kelsey-Hayes wires

Chrysler was successful in NASCAR (National Federation of Stock Car Automobile Racing) competing with Hemi engines in the 1955s. NASCAR was in second place in 1953 and won the championship in 1954. Though the Chryslers kept more on their own, not just until 1955, when it seemed they decided to dominate NASCAR, basically building the C-300, especially at NASCAR races. The Firepower Hemi engine with 300 hp was 331 cubic centimeters in America's hottest car. In 1955, they won 22 races in one of the most decisive races.

Although the Chrysler C-300 sold 1725 cars only in 1925, showrooms were filled with people who wanted to see the monster, the dragonfly to the Bonneville Salt Flats and all kinds of speed events. Even though I remember more than 50 years ago when the 1955 cars hit the showrooms as yesterday. My buddy and I were like kids in a candy store when we went from the showroom to the showroom. That was the year when Chevrolet introduced the new V-8 and the newly designed Corvette. Ford released the new Thunderbird this year. Both Oldsmobile and Buick were redesigned, and the super cars both had an increased power.

All of these and many more exciting, but the Chrysler C-300, everything that changed everything. It was the first American automaker with a 300 horsepower engine, and even though it had over 4000 pounds, the statistics were quite amazing. It would be 0 to 60 MPH in less than 10 seconds, with an upper end of 130 MPH, depending on which of the 3 selectable rear axle ratios were used.

Thanks to this, the automotive icon and low sales figures of the 1955 Chrysler C-300s look at their prices when they are found. One was sold this year for $ 181,500. Not a bad increase for $ 4,000, which was a new price, which was pretty expensive in 1955. If you are a Mopar Collector, then it would be a crown jewel in your collection.

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