The 2011 Lexus Lfa Supercar – the first attempt with a Lexus supercar

Yes, Lexus and the superstar can now be used in the same sentence, thanks to the higher level of skill and the impossible technical skills not only to be pulled down, but also to their first attempt.

In the past, Lexus has always been developed and delivered luxury – there was never any doubt. There is a spectacular difference between the luxury car and the luxury supersport, and this becomes clear when Lexus LFA's unique V10 engine starts singing.

The carbon fiber body was not specifically designed for aesthetics, but the excellent acoustics from the 4.8-liter V10 engine. According to Lexus, it is difficult to design the V10 to look so vivid as the V8 or V12, so the supersport body contains special air intake sections to measure acoustics balance.

The official launch of the first Lexus superstore was at the Tokyo Motor Show, and the North American launch took place in Miami, Florida.

The members of the North American Press Release are fortunate enough not only to stay in the luxurious luxury of South Beach, but to actually drive on the Homestead Raceway. This is the difference between the luxury sedan and a superstar: the 552 horsepower reached 3.6 seconds in 0-60 marks. The Lexus LFA is about 202 miles per hour and has a $ 10,000 brake challenge.

For the first try, Lexus sees new aspirations comfortably and confidently, and is a welcome addition to the super car realm. The LFA is expected to cost around $ 375,000. Lexus only produces 500 LFA superstars and the first delivery is expected in 2011.

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