The 3 best choices for hybrid cars

Hybrid cars are becoming increasingly popular due to increasing fuel costs and hybrid cars become more and more affordable. The performance of hybrid cars is similar to diesel / petrol cars, so there is no reason not to get it.

There are lots of new hybrid car models every year, but here's the top 3 choices that offer the best performance and features for the price.

# 3 Honda Civic Hybrid

The Honda Civic hybrid is not a new model and has been in the market for some time now. The price comes to $ 20,000 and fuel capacity is 47 gallons / gallon and 48 miles per gallon.

Although not too fast, I like the Honda Civic Hybrid to deliver 5 people. More functional and family car. Also, pass the collision test at a good rate of 5 cycles.

If you have a family and you do not have to get it faster then a honda civic hybrid is a good buy.

# 2 Honda Insight

The honda insight is a two-seater hybrid car with fuel capacity of 57 miles per gallon and 56 highway miles per gallon. The price is roughly the same as the honda civic hybrid. This is a very reliable car I've owned for many years. So far, he has not given me such problems.

There are some disadvantages, first, 2 seats, which means it's not a family-type car. Secondly, the horsepower is not as high as 71 hp.

This is my second most important choice because I like its reliability and when I compare the price to performance, it's pretty good.

# 1 Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius hybrid car is my best choice because it offers the best performance for the price. That's about $ 19,000, which is the cheapest of the three. It has more horsepower at 110 horsepower and 60 cities per gallon per gallon and 51 highway gallons. This is a family size car that can comfortably wear five people and leave a few seats in the trunk.

Also got 4.5 points for testing the crash. The price and performance, you did not beat the Toyota station.

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