The basic knowledge and guidance of electric RC cars

Electric RC cars are the most popular today. This may be because every RC car starts with the launch of this type of RC car, which is due to the operation of electric RC cars. The electric RC car fueled by the batteries has many advantages over nitro / gas RC cars. If you are new to the RC world, it will probably be difficult to choose the right electric RC car that will be happy with you. The most important thing before you buy a purchase is to have some information to help you avoid the wrong choice.

First of all, what is the consideration. This is important for any person who wants to participate in the Electric RC car world.

first What is the Benefit

2. What RC Cars

3. What size of RC cars.

4th Which options to choose from.

5th Comfort.

1. The advantage of electric RC cars.

– Easy

– Lightweight and Less Maintenance

– Less Tuning and Adjustment

– Less Cost

– Noise Less

– Smoke Less

– Easy

Electric RC Cars Type

– Road RC Cars Touring cars, racing cars and Drift cars.

– Off-road RC cars The Buggies and the Monster truck.

– Indoor RC cars. It consists of mini / micro cars.

3rd The size of electric RC cars.

– 1/10, 1/12, 1/16, 1/18, 1/24, 1/27 and 1/30.

4th Option.

There are two options available on the market.

first Option

Electric RC Car – RTR Kits (Ready)

This option is specially designed for beginners.

RTR package includes:

– RC car body / chassis

– Electronic speed controller

– 17-speed engine

– Radio transmitter and servos

– 4 tires

You do not have to worry about assembling RC car parts and painting bodywork. All you have to do is add the battery and you are ready to put it on the track. After handling and maintaining RTR RC cars, you are ready to go one step further.

2nd option.

Electric RC Car Kit

This option is for the racer.

The kit features only the RC car body (chassis) and must fit all body parts. Usually, it takes about 4-5 hours to complete the task. This kit is intended to add additional components or accessories to the track, such as:

– 4 tire (insert + wheel)

– engine (brushed / brushless)

– ESC (electronic speed control) [19659002]- Battery. (6 cells)

– Battery Charger

– Body.

– Radio transmitters and servos
All of the RC components or accessories listed above can be purchased separately from various brands or manufacturers around the world.

In this last consideration, you need to know where:

– On the ground or track available in the neighborhood.
– Hobby shop near to find spare parts
– This shop sells electric RC car parts that you will choose.
– Do you have technical support or counseling?
– Is there a community of others with the same model or type you choose?

This will help you improve your driving ability faster, and then run on your own.

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