The best 5 hockey movie ever

There are many sports films there, but I prefer hockey movies. I watched the hockey movies grow up and I wanted to play hockey. Hockey movies are virtually hockey. So you can say I'm a huge hockey movie fan. I will list the best hockey movies I think are the best. Even though there are many ice hockey movies, I list the 5th best.

5.) Goon

This movie was hysterical. It's about lurking in a semi-professional hockey championship. He goes to a local amateur ice hockey with a friend who has his own hockey talk show. Finally, he fights against one of the hockey players and beat him. He grabbed the camera and the troops started calling him and asked him to be a member of his team. He never played hockey before he could jump but he could certainly bake a bit.

4.) Mystery Alaska

This is another funny gesture, some good one line. The film is about an Alaska city where the amateur hockey team is challenging against the New York Rangers. The city is rather confused and disliked. Therefore, the problems need to be sidelined and outdated because the event will be televised at national level.

3.) Slapshot 1

This is a definite kneecap. That is, in my opinion, one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. The film is about a team who represents a very bad reputation and a very bad participation rate. The team brings money to chef's public activities, such as modeling, as it appears in the movie. If the mill in the city stops, then the team will decide. The protagonist knew the team would fail, and that could be his final ice hockey. So try to make your team more interested in the game so the team can be sold. You want to keep the "spherical" part of ice hockey in your team and the fans are so entertained as much as they can. They pick up "Hanson Brothers" who play all the games. Let's get a boost, even if you do not like hockey.

2. Wonder

Definitely classic film. This is the film about the 1980 Olympics in the US and Russia. This is one of the biggest chaos in sport history. This movie shows how it has led everything to the big game and how rough the US coach was to his players, but he definitely showed results. The miracle and number one movie is the tie for the first time.

1. The Great Duck

These are the movies that are in the hockey. The film is about a hot shot lawyer who has haunted the goal of the winning shooter that he did not win the championship title and lost it. After being arrested for drunk driving, the court instructs him to train the Peewee team, who needs significant improvements. Accept the job and introduce the team to the tournament. In the championship game, he has a coach over his old coach he played when he lost the game.

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