The best hybrid car on the market – green disorder

Is the envelope and the winner …? Judges will appreciate their royalties with the choices they need to be made when choosing the best hybrid car. But it seems to be really difficult to decide on the range of hybrid cars that have now been offered in competition with safety, fuel efficiency, emissions, comfort and technological innovations. "[19659002] Criteria

What criteria will you look at when choosing a hybrid carriage? Of course, you are not choosing a hybrid if you do not have fuel efficiency, otherwise any other stylish sedan, no matter how much petrol is consumed, will be the candidate for choice. saving fuel efficiency and efficiency is certainly a top priority, so the best hybrid car must have the lowest, but not zero, emissions of toxic waste gases, so this is the criterion

But how will we choose the best hybrid car then? Separate these hybrids, say coupons and sedans from SUVs and vans, and then separate them by dividing cars into compactors, medium sized sedans, etc. Pick pickups for medium and full loads Select the vans from the mini-combines. I will go to the lists and the list of available hybrid cars will continue.

You'll probably go to body style levels, drive chains, engine performance, transmission size and drive, and a number of performance criteria

Price may be far ahead of the list as hybrid cars will almost certainly compensate for the initial higher costs fuel economy and other economics.

The semi finalists

Some say that the Toyota Prius really started the race and all, and deserves such a pioneering place in the hybrid reputation hall. Prius starts with a $ 22,175 suggested retail sale and gets a savings bonus of around $ 2,000 in ECO cars. There are also tax incentives to choose an environmentally friendly car. EPA estimates reach 55 miles per gallon for combined urban and highway driving and the AT-PZEV (Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission Vehicle) category.

What about medium sized sedans, more rooms than the Prius? There is a hybrid version of the Toyota Camry 2007, starting at around $ 26,000. Although Honda Accord Hybrid and Honda Civic Hybrid also run, Toyota Camry consistently comes from satisfied hybrid users' surveys. The Camry Hybrid reaches 34 miles per gallon to EPA ratings.

Now let's go to the sporty road vehicles. The Ford Escape Hybrid is great, but price considerations and total SUV features are less popular than the 2007 Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid, a compacter that cost around $ 23,000, not to mention the tax incentives it has received. as a "green" SUV. Surveys show that this hybrid is similar to other comparable SUVs for fuel efficiency and emission levels.

Ford Escape Hybrid is now comparable to another Toyota SUV, and the 2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid has won a leading edge in driving car beliefs. The reviewers say that Highlander's performance and efficiency are countless racers for the best SUVs of hybrid models. For an estimated $ 32,500, the 25 and 26-mile EPA ratings can be handled per gallon for city and freeways when considering long-term fuel savings.

The verdict?

The best hybrid car is always comparatively relatively relative to the aspects to be sought by the buyer and the driver in the hybrid. But besides the large number of hybrids, there is not such a big problem to find the best for you.

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