The biggest jump

Sometimes in life we ​​all have to go to the edge of faith. They say that most of this article is about the seemingly incredible reality of life, which we have to believe in what is not yet perceivable or visible yet still exists.

So, I would start the telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell in the science of vibration as he overwrote through the Napoleon Mountain in his book entitled "The Law of Success": Normal vibrations are normal heat, easy visible light and what we can touch or feel easily. There is something we feel normal at this level.

Meanwhile, at higher vibrations, all kinds of things we do not see without fantasy names are at least like ultraviolet light, infrared vibration and higher things. We are all under the umbrella of our reality, but we can not see it, except the whimsical tools, and if not, we use intuition and loyal understanding.

When I think of the higher things in life, I can think of what can move within our reality, but just on the verge of our senses? What could happen if I do not know it consciously. What does this "slipping" mean to me to understand these things outside the normal reality, but will I soon be there?

This is what I say: Of course, the laws are equivalent to all levels of reality by radiation, vibrations and vibrations, but first, a certain degree of faith is needed to perceive the higher and ultra low thresholds of reality. For example, you can not see the atoms that breathe most in the air unless they are smog, fog or something tangible, yet you know that in reality they exist as physical phenomena because they breathe. This understanding is the beginning, but it is enough to fall above and below the threshold of senses, and there is still a certain belief that they will realize that they exist in reality as far as we can see the cars or mountains ahead.

So the most important leap is to perceive the subtleties of reality, high and low, to realize that everything vibrates to the highest and the lowest. Reality involves everything in everything, so I want to take this article.

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