The Caterham 7 sports car – Super Light and Super Fun

When the vision designer, Colin Chapmen first became Lotus 7's design, had light, speed and agility. What he did not know was to create a timeless design niche that is still capable of overclocking the supercars that are ten times as much.

The first Lotus 7 was released in 1957 and purchased £ 1000 pounds for new purchases. However, the simplicity of design meant that Lotus could also offer the 7th set, where it was half the size. Chapman's constant aim in all his cars at Lotus was the ease, ensuring that the most sophisticated agility and pavement of the cars he produced is reflected.

Lotus's nature grew up, and Chapman realized that the company had to complete its inventory if they had ever been a serious superstar, and in 1973 Lotus 7's plan and right were created by Caterham Cars and the new Caterham 7.

Not surprisingly, Caterham 7 has continued to be popular with the enthusiastic driver, with the simple engine, the rear and the two middle philosophies, this sport car hits over the decades. Often, when you find a winning plan on your hands, you often find others who try to copy and Caterham is no exception and has a number of legal issues to protect the design rights.

The design of Caterham 7 was quite static, while in 2000 the SV version was offered. This was Caterham's answer to all the riders who found the 7th limitation and 11 cm wide for the chassis, which meant that a whole newer driver could experience the roadblock and performance 7. .

He was incredibly successful in completing the lightweight construction of the car, and Caterham further reduced the weight of his road racer, and this was a courageous rise in Caterham's super light range. In 2004 Caterham released the 7 most extravagant versions of the R500 Evo. This car could accelerate at speeds of up to 100mph and then be able to restart zero in 10 seconds, standing in front of a seriously humiliated Ferrari Enzo.

Caterham continued the ease-of-design topic with the new version of the R500, a car that uses the most advanced carbon fiber and thin-walled aluminum materials and is concerned about the power-to-weight ratio of Bugatti Veyron. No one has spared the weight loss program, even the windshield is an optional accessory, although fortunately the headlamp bulbs will remain for those late summer carriages.

While the flagship Caterham models deliver incredible performance to the goods, in fact, a Caterham 7 is available for all performance and budget. Even more importantly, if you have a few long nights in your garage and build a kit, you can save even more money and convince your satisfaction that the sport car you created is all your work.

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