The death of Super Car

How many people consider the latest fuel prices to be another nail in the coffin of super cars that are practical or economical?

A & # 39; boutique " all of the wagon manufacturers have been pulling out over the years, as only a few brands have been bought by major manufacturers.

Super cars are used by manufacturers to enhance their profile and brand awareness, yet they must surely see that writing is on the wall.

These vehicles are not only useless on crowded roads where they are generally used, but are often less environmentally friendly because of their commitment to enormous nutrition as they sit in the same traffic jams as hybrids and non-distant future electric cars.

Even celebrities can see hybrids and other environmentally friendly vehicles.

The same people who helped determine trends that others follow and see them confront with pollution and the waste of natural resources is a good sign of the planet's future.

The fact that the super cars we've known more than likely to die in the coming decade are not too worried for those who like speed because they have been shown to have electric vehicles that are inexpensive, which are faster than the best in petrol-powered sports cars.

We continue to enjoy speed pacing without cost, pollution or noise.

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