The development of Honda Accord

The first generation Honda Accord was launched in 1976 as a two-door, 68 hp (51 kW) and 93-inch hatchback. Honda has chosen the Accord name, which shows that "Honda's desire for human harmony and harmony, society and car proved to be successful, especially in the US where it was the best-selling Japanese car for 15 years (1982, 97) and the first Japanese-branded vehicle in the United States, the United States in 1982 when production was started in Marysville, Ohio, at Marysville Auto Factory, where cars were manufactured and exported to Japan. In Sweden, styling was very different from his cousins ​​and shorter than JDM. USDM agreements

The car

Accord was originally designed with V6 long hoods and athletic demands but quality control has considerably increased this one of the most trusted cars in the US market, is still in a position to be one of the first American-made cars to be the type of optical reflector lenses, fully-lit lenses instead of headlamps in the more conventional closed beam style lighting. From the 1998 agreement, it is a little known fact that New Zealand has completed the completion of the entire car manufacturing in New Zealand (due to changes in tariffs on car import in the country). Now it is a completely different car for the worldwide Accord, compared to the North American model, with a larger size and more interior space and weight than its international partner. The American Agreement was only available in the form of sedan and coupe, and to date it was the biggest agreement.

The Next Generation

Honda first offered an "enthusiastic" version in the United States, sport suspension and pairing 6-speed manual transmission from Acura CL to the V6 Honda Accord Coupé. By modernizing the interior and exterior, the second generation Accord was mechanically very similar to the original, using the same 75 hp (56 kW) 1751 cc EC1 CVCC engine. In December 1999, Honda introduced Insight, the US's first hybrid vehicle, still the leader of fuel economy. Honda introduced hybrid technology in the mainstream by introducing the 2002 civil hybrid.

2006 Honda Accord Hybrid, only in the second model year, has received many improvements, including external updates, to further differentiate the Accord Hybrid from other Accord models. Honda introduced the exciting Accord Tourer concept to the world and the new generation of Honda diesel engines, i-DTEC, at the 2007 Frankfurt Motorcycle Contest. In 2008, Honda Accord was completely redesigned, with more power and cabin space. In the real world, however, the fuel consumption of the car was disappointing and people were at a higher price.


The reviews revealed that the latest Honda Accord continues to excel as a family sedan or mid-size coupe. Customers who are interested in Honda Accord but limited to a smaller budget can also look at the fourth generation Accord, which was available from 1990 onwards. However, Accord came to a larger car that is now approaching Ford Taurus. still got a "compact" status. Honda has sold the North American agreement in some other markets, including Asian (Thailand), Middle East, Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand, with mixed results.

From a holistic point of view, it's easy to understand why this Honda car has become the automotive icon and one of our editors? top recommendations.

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