The fan checklist is what you can do in a NASCAR race

If you want to take part in a NASCAR race, you probably have a day on the track. There is nothing worse than unprepared for any excursion, so consider a small checklist to make the day as an entertaining event.

  • Be sure to wear comfortable shoes because you are walking a lot. On regular days, fans expect to spend at least five or six hours on the track, and climb up to step depending on the seat, and surely want a comfortable sweater.
  • Always bring a small umbrella or rain poncho – just reveal the storm clouds that come in during the race. If this happens, the race is likely to be stopped until the rain goes off and the track drys. It must be dry before waiting for the race to continue. Buy the smallest umbrella and put it in your bag or pocket. You do not have to wear big, bulky umbrellas all day – especially if you do not need it at the end. As a competitor, you always hope in the sun, but it is good to prepare. If it's cold in the air, bring a light coat.
  • Keep in mind that you bring lots of drinking water. Bottled water is ideal, comfortable and truly reaches its place on a hot summer day. Keep in mind that race tracks are great, and as mentioned earlier, there are many flights. At the time you arrive, climb up the racks and find your seat, fans are potentially a 30 minute walk or earn more. Avoid the temptation to weaken the water in your head and save it for drinking.
  • Snack is always a good thing to be in control during rceday. Who wants to leave your seat when you find hunger? Save yourself time and pack a sandwich or sweets from home. Do not forget to use a hand disinfectant or soap too!
  • Do not forget that participating in a live event is different than a television event. There are many home-like, non-television luxuries missing on a live event. Sit on the stalls without commentary, so consider scanner and headphones. In most lanes there is a list of driver frequencies that allows you to hear communication between the competitor and the competitor.
  • Be sure to bring a camera and more movies with you. If you are using a digital camera, make sure that there are several new charged batteries that run during the day.

Before you close your suitcase, there are only a few small pieces you remember. If you have a penny delivery, bring yourself a small notebook with an autograph. Keep in mind that you make cash, but not too much to visit the many railway stations outside the field. The final check must reveal that you packed a pair of sunglasses, and if you sit up high, stop by a binoculars and approach the action. After all, if a race is not close – what's the point? Have fun.

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