The fastest car – the fastest car in the world

So who makes the fastest manufacturing car? Well, that would be the car maker Bugatti. Specifically, Volkswagen had kept this company alive, so they have a duty to lend them. The fastest manufacturing car is nothing but the Bugatti Veyron, this car monster when it comes to speed. Bugatti could only fight almost all of the planes of the planet, not to mention that it could defeat other types of aircraft.

What makes this car so fast that there is a scary motor coupled with slippery aerodynamics. These two combinations can drive this car at speeds of more than 200 km / h, but even more. The reason this car is such a wonderful car designed for perfection. Start the engine. The engine is an 8-liter W-16 with 4 turbochargers. The AW engine is basically two V8 or V6 combined. With its outstanding 8-liter and 16-cylinder engine, the engine can produce terrible energy. But Volkswagen engineers did not stop there; In addition, four turbochargers have been added, each having a 10 psi boost. So the engine's total power is 1001 horsepower. That's a lot of power and land on the ground. He had to use all the niche and specialty tires produced by Michelin to cope with the volcanic power.

Not only the engine is amazing but also the gearbox. Forgive me if it's a little technical, because it requires me to explain the techniques in detail. Okay, if so much energy flows through the crankshaft, you obviously need a gear that can handle this kind of power. It is almost impossible for a car manufacturer to develop a gearbox that can handle 1000 pixels, for 10 to 20 years. Thus, VW turned to Formula 1 engineers to produce a gearbox capable of handling the power of the engine. After attempts and mistakes, a gearbox was developed that can take advantage of the power of the engine. The gearbox is a computer-controlled system and similar to the F1 transmission. Then there is a 7-speed flappy paddle changer and dual clutch. So all these have to do to make the car even faster. Well, this gear does not only make the power more efficient, but also make a quicker shift. About 0.2 seconds, this is how fast it can move, and with the all-wheel drive configuration, this car will break the sidewalk with a massive torque.

The Bugatti Veyron also features a slick aerodynamic body that can easily squeeze the air and have a soot that can result in huge sedimentation. Even with a carbon fiber body. This car still represents more than most cars. The Veyron weighs about 4,300 pounds, but the car goes so fast that almost all super cars are left behind. With the Turbocharger 4, due to the heat generated by the Goliath engine, Veyron must have at least 10 radiators. 3 for cooling the large wing and cooling the engine itself. Talk about exaggeration and add more pizzas, this car can stop from 250 km / h to 10 in 10 seconds. All this is due to the huge wing and the excellent brakes.

All of you who are tuned up are making incredibly super fast cars. Just take a look at the performance data. this car can change from zero to 60 in 2.6 seconds and even up to 250 km if this foot is out. This car can relocate to 250 km / h, but engineers stayed at that speed for safety reasons. When the wing is pulled up, this car can handle much better than many supercars that have less power and less weight. For a car that is almost as serious as the Hummer, which is amazing.

This car was introduced to what can be done with future technology and engineering. This car demonstrates what can be done with today's latest and greatest tools. This car was designed to eliminate the possible limits in the automotive industry.

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